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    Relationship between two events from a design perspective

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    Assume you are a consultant to the CEO of the XYZ Company. The company manufactures custom electronic components for passenger aircraft. In its thirty-year history XYZ has been organized as a traditional functional bureaucracy. The CEO has brought you in to recommend a solution to what she thinks are two significant problems.

    First, there has been significant growth and appears to be the opportunity to expand the company product line into two related but different areas, military aircraft and the space program. Small initial developments in these two areas seem to offer significant future opportunities.

    Second, for the first time in twenty years one of the customers made a significant complaint about the quality of the product by returning ten percent of a recent order as defective.

    From a design perspective how might these two issues be addressed. The CEO suspects there is a relationship between the two issues. In your essay draw on the text and other class readings to hypothesize how the CEO might consider related design changes in both structure and control to deal with these two problems.

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    It is obvious that the XYZ Company have established a strong market already. This is maybe because the in the past 30 year of its history, the company has been in the same "traditional functional bureaucracy" which sounds positive since the business survived that long, but not so positive for CEOs who are risk-takers. The thirty year of experience is even too long already before the CEO have realized to venture into more sophisticated business expansion.

    The First Issue is actually leaning on new business ventures although related to the old one, this must be requiring more innovations starting from the organizational structures to the peak level of ...

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