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    REA model and XBRL

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    1. What are the basic principles and design considerations for a REA model? How does the REA model facilitate the design of a relational database?
    2. What is XBRL? What is the relationship between XBRL and accounting information systems?
    3. Why should organizations adopt XBRL?

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    Management Information Systems

    REA Model

    REA or Resources Events Agents is a business modeling technique which connects together resources, events and agents using relationships such as proposition, reservation, duality, fulfillment, participation, etc. The basic design considerations for an REA model includes enhancing understanding of database that supports business processes real-time. The REA model should capture only essential aspects of economic phenomenon so that the model is concise and easy to understand, there are many applications of the model and the derived artifacts are always consistent (Rosli, et al., 2009).

    The purpose of relational database is to provide ...

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    Design considerations of REA and advantages of using XBRL