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    IS Types Information Systems

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    Differentiate the different types of information systems including The REA model, analyze the relationship among the various business and information process in the REA.

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    There are six different types of information system
    1) Executive support system (ESS)-Executive support system is designed to help the senior manager of the company. It aggregate the data internal and external both which help the manager to make strategic decision and business planning.
    2) Management Information System (MIS)-Management information system is used by middle manager, operational supervisor or management level of the organization. The functions of the management information system is planning, controlling, and decision making with the help of routine summary transaction data, high volume data ,simple models and exception report.
    3) Decision Support System (DSS) - Decision Support System is used by Professionals and staff managers of the organization. DSS are highly analytical designed to help management make decision in situation, so they ...

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    The expert differentiates the different types of information systems including the REA model. The relationship among various business and information process in the REA is determined.