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Business Management

Decision Making and Creativity: Escalation of commitment

A developer received financial backing for a new business financial center along a derelict section of the waterfront, a few miles from the current downtown area of a large European city. The idea was to build several high-rise structures, attract large tenants to those sites, and have the city extend transportation systems out

Strategic Financial Management

1. What is capital structure? Why does it matter in terms of a company's financial performance? How does a company's capital structure affect overall risk? 2. What are major areas of risk in financial management? What are major areas of financial risk in your company? Which risk management techniques are important to your c

Decision Theory

A small building contractor has recently experienced two successive years in which work opportunities exceed the firm capacity. The contractor must now make a decision on capacity for next year. Estimated profits under each of the two possible states of nature are as shown in the table below. Which alternative should be s

Break-even -Quantitative Methods

1. The Evergreen Fertilizer Company produces fertilizer. The company's fixed monthly cost is $25,000, and its variable cost per pound of fertilizer is $0.15. Evergreen sells the fertilizer for $0.40 per pound. a-Determine the monthly break-even volume for the company. b-If the maximum operating capacity of the Evergreen

What is Agency Theory?

Please help me add an example of an agency problem from a real-life lawsuit or situation. What is 'agency theory'? Agency Theory is the theory that describes the relationship between two parties in either the corporate or political world. In business, we say that employees of the company act as "agents" of owners, or sha

Forecasting Accuracy Calculations

1.) Aztec industries has developed a forecasting model that was used to forecast during a 10-month period . The forecasts and actual demand were as follows: Month Actual demand Forecast demand 1 160

Describe and discuss a business opportunity before and after

Describe a business (or other) opportunity before and after studying the relevant readings, and discuss the difference between the two descriptions. Shay J. P. (2003). Recognizing Opportunities, viewed at November 20, 2009. Shay J. P. (2003). Marketing your new or exis

Promoting knowledge sharing in organizations

Please help with the following problem about business management. Explain the processes that businesses should follow in order to create useful knowledge out of data and information. Please provide examples of activities and strategies to effectively promote knowledge sharing within organizations.

Decision Tree Analysis

Decision tree analysis for IT project where the data center is updated with new equipment such as 20-30 web and storage servers (IBM), 8-10 switches, 4 enterprise grade routers, and couple firewalls (Cisco), and few rows of server racks. There are three decision choices. One is to go ahead with renewal and purchase of all the eq

Organization Building and Transformational Change

Please help with the following business management problem. Provide at least 200 words. How does Organization Building contribute to transformational change? What are some strategies that you have used or been a part of in your professional life? Please give examples of the benefits and challenges?

How politics would change due to the influence of the internet

Can you help me get started with this assignment? In two paragraphs, discuss how politics would change due to the influence of the internet. Develop a strategy on how you would influence a local, upcoming election by using the Internet. What are the benefits and costs of such a change in how political campaigns are run?

How business can use advanced excel tools

Research and discuss the ways a company can use advanced Excel tools such as MIN and MAX statement, conditional formatting, and additional tools that you have discovered to manage their business finances. Once you have created a formula, the formula can be copied to subsequent cells. When the formula is copied it may change depe

Prepare a Memo requesting permission to research a proposal for Obesity and Kids

Identify the decision-maker(s) who will read your researched proposal and then write a memo depending upon whether the decision-maker is within or outside your organization requesting that you be given permission to move forward with your research, and why they should grant you this permission. The proposal is for Obesity an

Clear Optics break even for new product

1. See Clear Optics is considering producing a new line of eyewear. After considering the costs of raw materials and the cost of some new equipment, the company estimates fixed costs to be40,000 with a variable cost of $45 per unit produced. a. If the selling price of each new product is set at $100, how many units need to b


See attached file for part of the GM electric car ad. The entire GM file is too large to attach. PLEASE REVIEW ONLINE FOR 'GM THOMAS EDISON WAS RIGHT'. You are to analyze two ads: one is a nonprofit ad you will have to research for, and the other is a corporate/association ad you will choose from what we provide here.

Case study

Assistance is needed in the discussion of Big Blue Wields the Knife Again.

Business Communications: SEC risk management practices

Select a business case that involves your selected agency. Assess the business communications risk management practices of the case. The selected organization is The SEC. Provide references. This is not a paper; it's just asnwering a question on the selected business case and organization.

Health Care Organizations management

1. What are the different sources and types of authority? 2. What are the differences between line and staff jobs? How can these two types of jobs be linked and coordinated? 3. What is meant by the term "hospitalists"? 4. What is meant by the term "business process reengineering"?

Identifying Key Safety Issues & Designing a Security Process

Details: As the HR manager responsible for Safety and Security issues, you have been asked to develop a policy that will make sure the work environment is safe from a security standpoint, as well as from an injury perspective. You must also incorporate ways to keep your facility secure. You are responsible for a 400-person call-

Workplace Effectiveness with an Employee Assistance Program

Details: Review the definition of an Employee Assistance Program and learn the scope of services that can be offered. From your own experiences in the workplace, from your family's or friend's involvement, cite 2 examples where an EAP was used or where it could have been used to help the situation. Research and select 2 instance

Global Business: Identify advantages or obstacles for ING in Taiwan and Egypt

ING Direct is a financial provider and needs to be prepared to understand the market in which they seek to expand. Taiwan and Egypt are countries in which they seek to expand. Discuss the current population and people of Taiwan and Egypt: Current population and growth rate Density of population Demographic data (lif

Design Influences Paper: Hilton Hotels Corporation

Write a paper based the Hilton Hotels Corporation: 1. Four functional business areas: - Finance - Technology - Human resources - Sales and marketing 2. Provide a brief description of your selected organization and provide rationale as to why design is, or could be, beneficial to these areas. Cite sources of info