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    Perceptual Distortions/Negotiations

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    Discuss one implication that you associate with perceptual distortion.

    How you will apply a method to help you manage perception, cognition, or emotions.

    One perceptual distortion that you think you have applied to someone or that was applied to you. How did this error affect the situation. How this error would have affected the situation if you were in negotiations.

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    An obvious implication as a result of perceptual distortion is failure to access the situation accurately. Often young people are stereotyped, based on perceptions of the group as a whole rather than information regarding each individual's character, knowledge, ...

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    This solution discusses one implication that is associated with perceptual distortion and explains how to apply a method to help you manage perception, cognition, or emotions. This solution uses examples to explain how a perceptual distortion can be applied to someone or even yourself, and how this error can affect negotiations. The explanation is given in 174 words.