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    Responsible Operations Management

    Discuss who is responsible for strategic planning in an organization. Is this something that is restricted to top-level employees from specific functional areas or is it shared across functions and through lower levels of the organization? Different organizations might have widely varying positions on the structure of the strat

    Corporate Governance and SOX

    What is meant by the term corporate governance? How does corporate governance impact financial planning? How can organizations manage this impact? What is the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act? How has the SOX Act impacted organizations? Is the impact positive or negative? Explain your answer.

    Business Management for Organization's Structure

    1) An organization's structure can have significant effects on its members. What might those effects be? Examine the behavioral implications of different organizational designs and use at least three examples. 2) Is it possible to generalize and say that a certain structure is better than others? That is, is there a structure

    Health Care Costs and Use of Flexible Benefit Programs

    Q1. With the rapid increase in health care costs, organizations are looking at a number of ways to contain these costs. Describe methods that organizations are using to contain health care costs. Q2. Describe how a flexible benefit program might increase worker satisfaction with benefits at the same time that costs are being

    Letter saying no to solicitation for funds

    THE ANSWER IS "NO" It's a good cause, but the answer is "no." Virtually every day by phone, by letter, and in person you get requests: ? Will you put an ad in our high school annual? ? You certainly want to sponsor a person in the neighborhood king and queen contest. ? Your contribution to the Special Olympics will reall

    Paper to review article: MARS Model of Individual Behavior and Results

    You help me choose the final project. Do I have enough info to complete the following questions. Develop an annotated bibliography of the sources you have read in preparation for your final project. Each annotation should include the following: APA formatted citation of the source, as it will appear on your Reference page

    Productivity in the United States

    Discuss the topic of productivity in short. Is the United States still productive and/or competitive in manufacturing from a World Class standpoint? Please support your answer. Make sure you check out the Week 1 Web Links before you attempt to answer this question. Why Europe lags behind the United States in productivity?

    Types of Business (Used Car Dealership Case Study)

    Duke has been a successful used-car dealer for 25 years in the same location, operating as a proprietorship. In those 25 years, he has expanded his operation and become the largest independent car dealer in a city of 85,000 people. The few people in town can boast of a business reputation better than Duke's. As he says "I've alw

    Benefit of JIT

    Another benefit of JIT is that it gives a firm the flexibility to customize products for customers as well as easily and quickly adapt to changes in trends and technology because they don't hold raw materials and components, but also because a firm tends to have good relationships with their suppliers. Agree or disagree? P

    What does an effective MRP system require?

    Virtually all functions of the firm impact an MRP system. For instance, purchasing performance affects delivery, changes in capacity (i.e., labor, maintenance, breakdowns) impact throughput, sales impact the master schedule as do financial issues such as capital expenditure for capacity, engineering performance such as meeting s

    Standard Form Categorical Claim

    Translate the following sentence into a standard-form categorical claim: "The only organic products are chemical-free products."

    Kanbans lab - calculate the number of kanbans for each component

    See attached This lab provides data to use for solving the number of kanbans required for four components at the ABC Company. Use MS Word to copy your answers. Scenario/Summary Situation: Solve the number of kanbans required for four components at the ABC Company using the table below. Component W Component X Component

    determine which of the claims say the same as which others

    Discuss the following statements and determine which of the claims say the same as which others. Give reasoning for your conclusions. a. If you haven't been tested, then you cannot give blood. b. If you can give blood, then you haven't been tested. c. You can give blood only if you've been tested. d. Nobody who's been

    Case Study Analysis- Communicating between Cultures

    Johannes van den Bosch Sends an Email Joseph J. DiStefano After having had several email exchanges with his Mexican counterpart over several weeks without getting the expected actions and results, Johannes van den Bosch was getting a tongue-lashing from his British MNC client, who was furious at the lack of progress. Van d

    Analysis of various business formula and procedures.

    Problem Set 4 Instructions Solve problems 5-12, 5-14, and 5-18. Save your responses in a Word file. 5-12: Develop a four-month moving average forecast for Wallace Garden Supply and compute the MAD. A three-month moving average forecast was developed in the section on moving averages in Table 5.3. see attached for d

    Risk Management (MBA)

    ADM has a warehouse located next to a railroad track. They buy truck loads of grain and warehouse the grain until they get enough to load a train. Once the grain is loaded on to the train it is sent to the Mississippi delta to be loaded in to a Panamax dry bulk ship for export to China. You have been hired by ADM as

    Valley Cancer Treatment Center systems for disclosure

    Discussion: The appropriate disciplinary actions needed are not always apparent to those involved. That is one reason our textbook will be a wonderful reference book and a great start to your professional library. The manager who wants to be fair and just is one who gives great thought before administering discipline. Case s

    Security of Information in Commercial or Business Organizations

    This is a case study in preparing for analysis purposes, to study on Security of information in commercial or business organizations. *This is a general approach, with no specific size of organization or industry type. 5 topics to cover: (1) Definitions of human, technical and physical information assets at potential r

    International Negotiations and Transactions: Summary Self Evaluation

    Self Assessment Discuss the following as it relates to you. Summary Self-Evaluation:address the following points: 1. Do I enjoy bargaining? Do I enjoy being in situations of conflict, and/or do I enjoy attempting to persuade others to my point of view? Why? 2. Do others see me as a good bargainer? Am I seen as st

    Systems Operations Management: Criteria to evaluate suppliers

    Select a company and determine the type of suppliers it has and then indicate the criteria that you think the company might use to evaluate and select suppliers. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using part-time workers, subcontracting work, and building up inventory as strategies for meeting demand.

    Approach to developing a Research Proposal

    Too often, individuals will jump right into developing a research proposal with little to no thought of planning. That approach does not maximize the potential of the research to be usable and of value to the overall body of knowledge in the particular discipline or profession. To develop a research proposal, it is imperativ