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South African Gold Mine: Managing culturally diverse work force

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Read the attached case study and write a summary/abstract on the following questions.

1: What are the three main points of the article.
2: What lesson is learned about culture.
3: What lesson is learned about business.

Use at least two credible references.

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The subjects most important in this article were the cultural traditions within the organization, the cultural traditions of the workers, and the lack of communication between staff, management, and workers. All three of these were factors in the failure of Seth to improve conditions to the satisfaction of the management. It also led to problems among the staff in terms of management members and culture.

Cultural patterns within the community play a part in this company. The status of the community members were the foundation of the status of people in the community. This led to many types of personal connections and other family connections that affect how the work relationships evolve. There were within the company, nepotism and other family situations that affected work relationships and how work was completed as well as how work was handed out and absenteeism. Not all relationships were family sponsored or supported, but within this mine and the Jordan Shaft, it ...

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The solution discusses managing culturally diverse work force.

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