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Cultural Diversity

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"You as a Culturally Diverse Entity," prepare a Cultural Background Summary of your personal cultural background. This paper should highlight the different sources that have contributed to your cultural background. Additionally, speculate on the extent to which your current identity has been molded by assimilation, acculturation, and/or a climate of pluralism.

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"You as a Culturally Diverse Entity," prepare an 800-word Cultural Background Summary of your personal cultural background.

I have a vast cultural diverse background and this background makes me a culturally diverse entity. My grandparents on both sides are immigrants. My maternal grandparents immigrated from Ireland and my paternal grandparents from Italy. I grew up in the melting pot of the world, New York City. As a child, my neighbors were of Italian, Greek, Hispanic and African American descent; as well as Jewish, Muslim and Catholic religions allowing me to be color blind to many of today's woes of society.

The culture from within my family has taught me much. I speak fluent Italian and understand the language of my Irish grandfather, which was Gaelic. Through my Italian grandmother's love for the opera, I was exposed to the arts at a young age. I have seen many operas and with my understanding of Italian, I was able to truly enjoy the experience.

My grandfather was a painter and through his eyes, I was able to see how beautiful Ireland was during his childhood. The rolling hills and the beautiful ...

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