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    Fast Company & Social Capitalist Award Winners

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    Each year, the magazine Fast Company sponsors the social Capitalist Awards

    (http://www.fastcompany.com/social/2008/index.html). First, look at the methodology section

    (http://www.fastcompany.com/social/2008/articles/methodology.html) describes the criteria that Fast Company uses to select award winners. Using these criteria, browse through the list of award winners and identify why five of these winners meet the evaluation criteria. In addition, explore how these winners tell their story, describe their mission, engage volunteers, and measure success.

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    Jumpstart (http://www.jstart.org/site/PageServer) is winners for the Fast Company/Monitor Group Social Capitalist Awards. Jumpstart was chosen based on their social impact. According to Jumpstart's 2010 Annual Report, the organization has made an impact across the country, listing hundreds of partnerships with colleges and universities and a multitude of donors and supporters. (http://www.jstart.org/site/DocServer/FY10_Annual_Report_Final.pdf?docID=6402).

    Jumpstart is able to do a lot with a little amount, qualifying for Fast Company's search for organizations that have a disproportionately "large impact on problems they address." Jumpstart does this by training thousands of college students to help over 90,000 preschool children be prepared for school. The number of student volunteers engaged, and the number of children helped as well as the community partnerships developed measures success. Volunteers are engaged through outreach in colleges and universities. Jumpstart has operated since 1993 and has steady, systemic growth plan that recognizes and addresses challenges. This is in part achieved through their national partnerships with AmeriCorps, Pearson, and Franklin Templeton. In addition, Jumpstart displays entrepreneurship by "doing a lot with a little," participating in Read for the Record Days, and hosting "Jumpstart for a Day" in which over 900 students participated in activities in San Francisco this year. This also speaks to the innovation involved in the organization: a constant flow of new ideas continues to inspire and keep the organization fresh, attracting media coverage, and dynamic. The program boasts of sustainability however by applying research findings, such as those by Dr. Sara Harris, to confirm best practices are being used. In addition, partnering with major colleges and universities helps keep the program on track. The organization has a singular focus: preparing children for school. As such, there is not a conflict of interest or direction. Together these attributes have been focused and defined to qualify Jumpstart as a winner of the Social Capitalist Award for five years.

    PSI is another winner. This organization's social impact is enormous, and quantifiable. According to their website (http://www.psi.org/our-work/measurable-results) PSI's ...

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