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    American Society of Quality's Distinguished Service Award

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    About the Distinguished Service Award

    Purpose & Background
    The purpose of the award and the background (year established, for what reason, by whom, etc?)

    Award Criteria
    The criteria upon which the award is based (tables may be of assistance here to support your text)

    Benefits of the Award
    The description of the benefits to the organization from applying for the award (Include pros and cons of the award in this section as well).

    Past Winners
    Past winners of the quality award (include an overview of what it did for them)

    Your synopsis on whether the quality award process would work in your company
    15% (I work for at&t)

    Please make sure that you provide your sources and references in your submission (minimum 2-3 sources, at least one of which is NOT from the Internet or primary textbook)

    Use a spell-checker and proof-read your work (after a brief pause from writing to bring a refreshed set of eyes to your thoughts)

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    //The concerned area to be discussed is the American Society for Quality's distinguished service award. The background and purpose of this award is being discussed below and after that, the paper will discuss about the criteria of selection for this award//

    Background and Purpose

    American Society for Quality can be defined as the ultimate and supreme organization in regard to the quality aspects associated with various sectors. The organization is composed of experts that have come from all over the world. There are many sectors and further, there are many categories in which these awards are being given from last sixty long years. The organization was established in the year 1946 and is headquartered in Milwaukee. The organization is comprised of many members that belong to different parts of the world and have extremely commendable and keen respect for the quality aspect. There are several other awards that are administered under the guidance of American society for Quality, such as Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Program Award which is also administered by ASQ from the year 1991.

    There are several other programs that are associated with American Society for Quality and are considered very prestigious in various sectors such as management, education, services, leadership and others, like manufacturing. The team excellence award that is given by ASQ has completed 25 years and marks an impact on the society and encourages working more effectively. The purpose of this organization can be realized by analyzing the vision of this organization. The vision of the organization describes the supreme importance and solid emphasis that is being laid on quality aspects in several societal sections. This means that they are focused on improving the quality standards in each and every field all over the globe, along with determination to appreciate the distinguishing efforts made by people and organizations for improving quality (About ASQ).

    Award Criteria

    There are many sectors of the society that are included under the scope of American Society of Quality Awards. These sectors, as mentioned above, are education, manufacturing, leadership and others and all these sectors are ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1429 words with references.