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    Values of the organization: Ford Motor Company

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    Consider Ford Motor Company. Is the organization validating its values by its actions? Use the organization's website or other published information to define the values and explain your answer.

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    The past several years for Ford Company have been highly successful! They were one of the only car companies that did not need to be bailed out by the government; (Chrysler and General Motors hold those honors). They went from a nearly bankrupt situation several years ago, and in making huge modifications to their existing lineup of new cars they were able to surmount their difficulties, rise to the challenge, and now instead of stock selling at $1 or $2 per share, it is now selling around $25 per share.

    In terms of Ford's values, Ford is involved in efforts to aid hunger relief. According to the Ford website (2010) the Suburban Collection dealerships in Metro Detroit are donating two specially equipped vehicles that will be used along with seven others to collect and distribute food in southeast Michigan; the specially equipped Ford Transit Van will service Oakland and Macomb counties through Suburban Ford of Waterford and Suburban Ford of Sterling Heights; the two new vans will be used in partnership with Gleaners Community Food Band and United Way of Southeastern Michigan, which estimates that 700,000 people in the region don't know where their next meal is coming from. According to Jerry Brisson, of Gleaners Community Food Bank, 'they are going to help us ...

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    The value of the organizations for Ford Motor Company is examined.