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Features of flowchart that have helped to understand the process

Describe the features of the flowchart that have helped you to understand the process. In addition, explain how you intend to use these features to support your process improvement objectives.

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A flowchart is a diagram showing the various steps involved in the accomplishment of a project/job, from the start up to its completion. As applied in production and in any functional areas of business, it is a clear illustration of how a project will be done reflecting the steps and activities involved from the start of to its completion.
Basically, a flow chart has the following features or part:
1. Start of the project/ or task. This is denoted by an elongated circle.
2. Instructions to be provided and actions to be done. These are denoted by rectangles.
3. Decisions that must be made as indicated by a diamond - shaped figure.
4. Possible consequences of the decision as directed by arrows ...

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The features of flowcharts that have helped to understand the process is determined.