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    Servicescape & Flowcharts

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    How would a flowchart help in planning the servicescape layout? What sort of features would act as focal points or draw customers along certain paths through the service? In a supermarket, what departments should be located first along the customer's path? Why? Which should be located last? Why?

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    A flowchart would help in planning the servicescape layout to show the process flows, and develop an efficient sequence of activities to satisfy internal and external requirements. Flowcharts integrate layout, technology, servicescape and organizational structure, showing the points of contact with the customer. A servicescape provides all of the physical evidence a customer might use to create an impression, in the behavioral setting where the service takes place. By standardizing the servicescape and service processes, efficiency can by enhanced.

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    This detailed solution discusses how a flowchart would help in planning a servicescape layout. It describes which features would act as focal points to guide customers through the store. It also discusses why certain departments are located in specific places in a grocery store. APA formatted references and examples are included.