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Use of Flowcharts in Accounting Information Systems

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1. How are flowcharts used in accounting information systems? How are DFDs similar to flowcharts? How are they different?

2. What are the basic principles and design considerations for a DFD?

3. Think of a process that could be represented graphically. Then, map it out using either a flowchart or DFD.

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Solution Summary

This solution explains how flowcharts are used in Accounting Information systems. Additionally, the solution highlights the similarities and differences between DFDs and flowcharts. Lastly, the solution highlights the basic principles and design considerations for a DFD, and shows a flowchart documenting an organization's accounting procedures for cash receipts and revenues.

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How flowcharts are used in accounting information systems
Flowcharts are critical in accounting information systems as they enable users of these systems to understand the step sequences of an organization's Accounting processes. Additionally, they enable users to make clear, concise, logical and accurate representations of their organizations' Accounting processes for the benefit of other users.

How DFDs are similar to flowcharts
Flowcharts share a number of similarities with DFDs. These include:
a) DFDs and flowcharts enable the simplification of complex systems, and make it possible for such systems to be presented in a simpler and easy ...

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