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    Introduction to Accounting Information Systems

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    1. Why do auditors prepare analytic flowcharts of processing systems?

    2. Is flow charting useful in analyzing the resources required to implement a system? If so, explain its benefits towards implementing a system.

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    1. Auditors prepare analytical flowcharts of processing systems to get a 'map' of the entire system so that they can identify strengths and weaknesses of the system, identify and analyze resources required to make the system a success, and to enable them to drill down to problems more quickly to allow them to troubleshoot and fix a problem more efficiently. The flowchart helps to give the auditor a better feel for how a system works, particularly when he or she isn't as familiar with some of the processes as an employee who is knowledgeable about one key part. ...

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    This solution provides a detailed understanding of why auditors prepare analytic flowcharts of processing systems, as well as the usefulness of flow charting in analyzing resources required to implement a system.