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    Assesment for quality inprovement-Motorola

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    I need to answer the following questions about MOTOROLA

    a. what assess (problem or wickness) the need for a quality improvement process within Motorola organization.
    b. What is the description an "As is "flow chart of the process to be analyzed.
    c. Describe the relationship of the process to the organization's strategic plan.
    d. Identify both the internal and external customer in Motorola organization.
    e. Also, estimate the level of improvement that would be realized and the value of improvements process.


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    a. what assess (problem or wickness) the need for a quality improvement process within Motorola organization.

    The most important reason for Motorola to pursue a quality improvement process is to decrease its manufacturing and operating costs and improve operating margins. There is already intense competition in the handheld and mobile phones market due to advent of low cost manufacturers from Asian countries as well as reduction in prices from leading manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony, etc. In order to maintain profit margins and survive in this industry, Motorola also needs to reduce its cost of production and remain competitive in the industry. Total quality management can really help Motorola in eliminating wastages and improving operating efficiencies. Further, Motorola is planning to integrate additional features in its existing products and plans to launch integrated devices which would need extensive planning, research and development. A comprehensive quality management process will help this process in rolling out a world class product at competitive prices.

    As more and more companies in the industry are adopting best business practices with respect to quality, it has become necessary for Motorola as well to work as per the standards and benchmarks set in the industry. For any organization, in order to survive competition in this fierce and dynamic busines environment, it is necessary to constantly look out for opportunities to grow as well as reduce costs, which can be supported by Total Quality Management Process.

    b. "As Is" Flow Chart:

    A flowchart is a diagram that uses graphic symbols to depict the nature and flow of the steps in a process. Another name for this tool is "flow diagram."

    At the beginning of ...

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    Assesment for quality inprovement-Motorola