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    Using Motorola, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Hazards Administration), and Bailey House (non-profit AIDS organization in NYC):

    Explain the value of quality in relationship to customer satisfaction within these three organizations and be sure to include a description of the need for customer-driven quality for each of the organizations. Include a matrix that outlines the differences between the strategic role of TQM within each of these organizations. Finally, assess the importance of leadership within each of the organizations as it relates to quality (1400 words).

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1884 words with references.

    //In this query, you are required to explain the value of quality in relation to customer satisfaction in the given organizations. Before writing this paper, you need to be aware about the concept of Total Quality Management. Give a brief description of TQM and the given organizations with the strategic role of TQM in them. In the last part, you should write about the importance of leadership within each of the organization by relating it with quality. I would like to provide you with an overview on this topic which will help you to complete you paper //


    In the present scenario, quality is one of the very significant factors which are responsible for the success of an organization. It in nowhere related with the size and shape of a company and all profit making or non-profit making organizations have to provide quality services to their customers. Today, the organizations are operating in a very competitive and rapidly changing world; hence, it is very difficult for them to maintain a stable relationship with suppliers, employees and customers.

    From the past few decades, the concept of TQM or Total Quality Management has become very popular among the business world. TQM is a business management strategy focused at integrating quality in all business processes of an organization. The integration of TQM aims at obtaining customer satisfaction by embedding quality awareness throughout a business by proper planning and feedback. The success of TQM requires the involvement of every individual in the organization (Total Quality Management, n.d.).

    //Here, you are required to provide some information on Motorola and the use of quality in developing customer relationship. Define why the company requires a customer-driven strategy. In the following paragraph, I am going to provide you with an overview on this point. See the text below for example: //

    Motorola & Customer-driven Quality

    Motorola Inc. is an American company which deals in cell phones, wireless accessories, home entertainment equipments, networking equipments, barcode scanners, mobile scanners, enterprise mobility solutions, etc. Motorola has a rich history of around eighty years of innovation since its inception. Motorola intends to benefits the society by harnessing the power of its global business. It enhances the economic growth opportunities in the region where it operates (About Motorola, 2009).

    Motorola is committed to provide quality products to its individual as well as enterprise customers as its primary objective is total customer satisfaction. Motorola is one to the first companies in the United States which grasped and utilized TQM. 1988 was the year when Motorola was awarded by Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award for successful implementation of six sigma process & TQM (Total Quality Management: A Continuous Improvement Process, 1996).

    Robert W. Galvin, (President, Motorola Inc. 1962) defines quality as a way of life in a business rather than considering it as an advertising term. Motorola is fully aware about the value of quality in relationship to customer satisfaction. Motorola has integrated Six Sigma to ensure the integration of quality in internal processes. Motorola aims to improve customer satisfaction by taking ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1884 words with references.