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JavaScript - Mortgage Calculator

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I created the program as best I could using what I have learned so far, but it won't run. I also am confused as to how to create a flow chart in some other program to accompany it. Here are my problems:

1) The program needs to prompt for the loan amount, the interest rate, and the loan terms.

2) The program then has to take that information and calculate the monthly payment and then output the results to the monitor.

3) I have to label the output of each operation so that another person can look at it and see what was done.

4) I have to create a flowchart in PowerPoint, word, or any other program and submit it with the JavaScript.

5) I'm not sure if this means the program has to link like it did with Loops and this other Math Operations one I did before. I'm not even sure how to make the flowchart.

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Your program started with Javascript document object model syntax indicated a Form, but you had no form. The attached example adds a form, and uses Javascript prompt boxes. To get these boxes to work on your computer, you may have to ...

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The working example is Javascript-controlled form content and uses Javascript prompt boxes.