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Wrong output displayed in Java Program

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My output display this: Mortgagecalculator@7ced01

The output should display Years: 30, Loan Amount $200000.00, Interest Rate: .0575, and Monthly Payment: Calculated by Math.POW. Then a list of loan balance and interest paid for each payment over the term of the loan should scroll off the screen, but need loops to display a partial list, hesitate and then display more of the list. Do not use a graphical user interface. Please insert comments in the program so I can understand the fixes.

The setter and getters must stay in MortgageCalculator.java and everything should output from main (Driver.java).


import java.util.*;
/***Created on June 27, 2004, 5:07 PM
* Java Programming Project Workshop 3 -
* Problem statement - Create a driver for the Mortgage Calculator
* Scope - declare, initialize and set values and display mortgage calculator
* @author TERRY PARKER
public class Driver {

* @param args the command line arguments
public static void main(String args[]){//The main part of Mortgage Calculator begins here
Mortgagecalculator mCalc;
mCalc = new Mortgagecalculator();
System.out.println(mCalc.toString());//Display the contents
}//end of group
}//closing bracket


/** mortgagecalculator.java
* Created on June 27, 2004, 5:07 PM
* Java Programming Project Workshop 2 -
* Problem statement - Create a Mortgage Calculator WITHOUT a graphical user interface
* Purpose - provide a user-friendly service to potential users for accurately planning mortgage and other types of loans
* Scope - The mortgage calculator must display the mortgage payment amount given the amount of the mortgage, the term of the mortgage, and the interest rate of the mortgage.
* This program must have hard code amount = 200,000, term= 30 years, and the interest rate = 5.75% in class driver.java
* Algorithm - standard loan calculation with fixed number of payments:
* Monthly Payment = Principal * (InterestRate / (1 - (InterestRate + 1) - 12 * Periods)
* Inputs:
* Principal = $200,000
* Interest Rate = 0.0575
* Periods = 360
* Output:
* Monthly Payment =
* @author TERRY PARKER

public class Mortgagecalculator{

/** Creates a static mortgagecalculator */

public int years;//define variables
public double loanAmount;
public double interestRate;
public double monthlyPayment;

public void setYears(int inYears)//setter
}//end set years

public int getYears()//getter
return years;
}//end get years

public void setLoanAmount(double inLoanAmount)//setter
}//end set loanAmount

public double getLoanAmount()//getter
return loanAmount;
}//end get loanAmount

public void setInterestRate(double inInterestRate)//setter
}//end set interestRate

public double getInterestRate()//getter
return interestRate;
}//end get interestrate

public void CalcMonthlyPayment()
monthlyPayment=loanAmount*Math.pow(1 + interestRate, years) * interestRate/(Math.pow(1 + interestRate, years) -1);

public String toString(double value){//strings are used to store text and variables
String retString = new String();
retString = "Values:";
retString = retString + " years=" + years;
retString = retString + " loanAmount=" + loanAmount;
retString = retString + " interestRate=" + interestRate;
retString = retString + " monthlyPayment=" + monthlyPayment;
return retString;
}//end group
}//closing bracket

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2. If you use an inner classes for the second and third classes, you will receive up to 5 extra points, and if the third class is anonymous, you will receive up to five additional points.
3. If you make the program graphical, you will receive up to 10 extra points (total won't exceed 100).
4. You will lose points for poor formatting, poor commenting, not following instructions, program that don't work, etc.
5. In any case, your total cannot exceed 100 points.
6. Since this is the 3rd assignment, you are expected to get this right before you turn it in. It will be graded much more rigorously than the earlier assignments and in most cases, you won't get a second chance! If something is confusing in the instructions, ask before submitting!

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2. The instructor will attempt to crash your program -- an exception will cost you 10 points -- don't let exceptions happen!
3. If you ensure that duplicate values are sorted with the lower original array index first, you will get 5 extra points (final score not over 100).
4. You can use the sort methods from the book, but you will get 5 extra points if you do them as inner classes and FULLY comment them (final score not over 100).
5. Since this is the 4th assignment, you are expected to get this right before you turn it in. It will be graded rigorously and in most cases, you won't get a second chance! If something is confusing in the instructions, ask before submitting! If the instructor does give you a second chance, 10 points will be deducted.
User types:
You display:
As entered
Bubble Sorted
Selection Sorted

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