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    The Importance of Control Systems

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    Why does control matter? Identify three principles that best tell us how to design a control system for an organization. Breifly describe why these principles are important for the development of systems of organization control.

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    Control System Design for an Organization

    Control is the ability to purposefully influence, direct, suppress or change the course of events or people's behavior. Therefore, control involves verifying whether an undertaking occurs in conformity with the adopted plan, the principles set, and the instructions issued. Its main purpose is to point out the main errors and weaknesses in a system and to correct them and prevent them from reoccurring. It checks current performance of an undertaking against predetermined standards set out with the aim of ensuring satisfactory performance and good progress (Anthony, 1970).

    Control matters in organizations because it regulates and influences the process of implementing a project within an organization and helps the organization in achieving a specific set of goals without deviation. Control helps organizations to be able to detect errors, take corrective action and prevent deviations from the set standards and goals, thereby helping an organization achieve the desired goals in a desired manner (Anthony, 1970).
    The three principles that best tell us how to design a control system for an organization are feedback principles, risk management principles, and corrective mechanism principles. Feedback is at the heart of ...

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