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Stages of change and relation to cycle of supervisory functions

Go to the Weblink given below and read the article about the Stages of Change Model.
http://www.addictioninfo.org/articles/11/1/Stages-of-Change- Model/Page1.html
After you have read the article, discuss how this model has relevance to the Cycle of Supervisory Functions found in Chapter 1 of your textbook.

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The cycle of supervisory functions includes planning, organizing, staffing, influencing and
controlling. Each function includes its own set of tasks or responsibilities. However, the functions
are interrelated and are usually continuous. In other words, as a supervisor is controlling one
facet of the organization, he or she may be planning another facet or activity. The stages of change
model is based on the notion that employees will not change their behavior or actions overnight.
Making allowances for employees to work through the ...

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The stages of change and relation to cycle of supervisory functions are examined.