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Lessons Learned from Stages of Change Model

Controlling - Discussion: Read the article "Stages of Change Model". Model/Page1.html

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Answer the following questions:
 Of what benefit does the Stages of Change model offer to the health care manager who wants to encourage efficiency and the highest standards of service?
 What lessons can be learned from the Stages of Change in helping employees steer away from inappropriate actions on the job?

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The cycle of supervisory functions includes planning, organizing, staffing, influencing and controlling. Each function includes its own set of tasks or responsibilities. However, the functions are interrelated and are usually continuous. In other words, as a supervisor is controlling one facet of the organization, he or she may be planning another facet or activity. The stages of change model is based on the notion that employees will not change their behavior or actions overnight. Making allowances for employees to work through the various stages, such as consideration ...

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The solution discusses lessons learned from Stages of Change Model.