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    Annotated Bibliography for MARS Model of Individual Behavior

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    You help me choose the final project. Do I have enough info to complete the following questions.

    Develop an annotated bibliography of the sources you have read in preparation for your final project. Each annotation should include the following:

    APA formatted citation of the source, as it will appear on your Reference page
    A brief description of the source
    A short summary of its primary points or arguments
    A brief explanation of how the source is relevant to your project

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    Bourassa, David. (2007). MARS Model of Individual Behavior and Results. Accessed via the Internet at http://ezinearticles.com/?MARS-Model-of-Individual-Behavior-and-Results&id=571834

    This is an ezine article, accessed via the web by David Bourassa, a Basic Level Expert Author in business management. The intended audience is business executives and students wishing to better their knowledge of management.

    The MARS model by McShane and Von Glinow identifies how a better understanding of Motivation, Ability, Role perception, and Situational factors impact employee performance. This article points out that managers utilizing the MARS model will have a better understanding of how and why employees succeed or fail. In order to successfully implement this model, it is crucial for managers to understand and fulfill each of the elements of the model.

    This source is relevant to my project because it thoroughly explains the elements of the MARS model.

    Mahasahil. (2009) Foundations of Individual Behavior. Slideshare.net. Accessed via the Internet at: http://www.slideshare.net/mahasahil/foundations-of-individual-behavior

    This is a slide show posted by Mahasahil, a person who has posted 35 different slide shows in regards to business matters, including marketing, selling, cost analysis, group behavior, and individual behavior. It is posted for people wishing to learn more about individual behavior within a corporate setting.

    The MARS Model is explained as it relates to employee motivation and the internal forces ...

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    This solution is an annotated bibliography for a paper on the MARS Model of Individual Behavior and Results.