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    Use of Qualitative Methods in Research

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    Some students are attracted to qualitative methods because of their more narrative format. How would you explain its place in the research continuum? How have your own thoughts about qualitative research changed? How do these thoughts relate to your worldview? What strategies might you use to help you become more comfortable with or develop further expertise in qualitative research - as a consumer and/or producer of research?

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    Qualitative methods are very important to understanding why people feel they way they do and act the way they do. In the world, we can make all kinds of assumptions about why people do things, act certain ways, make some choices, but without their input, we cannot know for certain (or as close to certain as possible). With Qualitative methods we observe the people, we talk to them, gather information directly from them in a more open-ended way that allows the research participant to express their thoughts and feelings. For business research, this is very important. It helps companies ...

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