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Business Management

Decision Impacts on Stakeholders

Any help with this discussion question would be very appreciated. Thank you. TASK: An Open Letter to Walt Disney May 29, 1996 Michael Eisner, CEO Walt Disney Company 500 South Buena Vista Street Burbank, CA 91522 Dear Mr. Eisner: The National Labor Committee fully supports Walt Disney's decision

ADA and Discrimination

In actual practice, how well does the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) protect workers against discrimination? Are there any examples from recent court decisions I could reference?

Pregnancy and Discrimination

What is the significance of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act? Can a company ever consider pregnancy in its employment decisions?

Ramada Demonstrates its Personal Best

Based on the Case, "Ramada Demonstrates its Personal Best", in Chapter 4, write a response in which you define business research, and demonstrate why this case represents an example of business research (i.e., which characteristics of good research are included in the case). Identify the business research question that was asked

Pension forecasting and Interest Cost

Question 1. Interest cost included in the net pension cost recognized for a period by an employer sponsoring a defined benefit pension plan represents the a.shortage between the expected and actual returns on plan assets. b.increase in the projected benefit obligation due to the passage of time. c.increase in the fair v

Import protection

Domestic producers often base their claim for import protection in the fact that workers in country X are paid substandard wages. Is this a valid argument for protection? Can you give examples of when it did/did not work? Is there any trade restriction that the US government could impose that would have a negative/positive im

Cost analysis & negotiations

1) What are the components of cost analysis? In what situations would you use cost analysis versus price analysis? Why? 2) Is willingness to collaborate during negotiation important? How do you establish a negotiation strategy? What cultural differences should be considered when negotiating on a global basis?

Implementing Instant Messaging

Write about the ease of implementing the Instant Messaging system which will facilitate security, customer and client communication as well as decrease telecommunication costs and increase corporate productivity.

Organization as a machine - metaphor

One of the useful aspects of a "machine" is that it usually has a way to turn it on or off, and some more or less relatively easy controls to make it behave. When we think about an organization as a machine, it's not so easy to visualize what the "switches" might be. 1. If you're thinking about your organization -- or any or

Creative Thinking

I need help with t he following: Illustrate a viewpoint which you held and altered through reasoning. What were the previous and new viewpoints and which reasoning concepts contributed to arriving at this new vantage point? Also, which invalid assumptions, if any, contributed to your previous stance? I am looking for a s

Applied and Basic Research & Scientific Inquiry

What is the major difference between applied and basic research? . basic research is more traditional . basic research has no immediate application . applied research is less important . basic research takes longer to complete Identify and select the correct order of steps in scientific inquiry.

Quasi-experimental research & Factorial designs

1. What is a characteristic of quasi-experimental research? (a) assignment to groups based on some pre-determined characteristic (b) has the highest degree of control over the factors being examined (c) does not establish cause and effect relationships (d) assignment to groups is random in nature

Experimental research & Scientific method of inquiry

1. Which of the following is a characteristic of experimental research? a. survey of the current state of events b. describes a groups' characteristics c. high level of control over variables d. provides a broad picture of a concept 2. Which of the following is true of the scientific method of inquir

According to the text, scientific inquiry follows a cyclical process that begins with a question and ends with asking a new question(s). Explain the process of scientific inquiry by describing each of the steps involved.

According to the text, scientific inquiry follows a cyclical process that begins with a question and ends with asking a new question(s). Explain the process of scientific inquiry by describing each of the steps involved. the text book is: Exploring Research seventh edition by Neil J. Salkind

Discuss job-based and people-based approaches to compensation

Job analysis usually begins with a detailed review of information previously collected to develop a framework for further analysis. Although prior information related to a job (major responsibilities, task dimensions, etc.) may exist, it may no longer be accurate; clarification of existing information may be necessary. Identify

Safety Training at Pro' Choice: It's Not Working

Safety Training at Pro' Choice: It's Not Working While a large number of organizations have successful health and safety records, unfortunately, many companies experience unacceptable health and safety incidence rates. Furthermore, simply having a safety program does not guarantee a positive safety record, as the experie

Research for the British Bankers Association

1. (2.5 points) The British Bankers' Association decided to look at a variable to predict amounts of deposits. It chose the number of branches for each bank. The data are: Bank Name Deposits (£ billion) Branches in 2006 Abbey National 101.7 867 Barclays 108.2 1997 Lloyds 96.9 2797 National Westminster 113.8 192

Strategic Management Reviews

Take into considerations, when strategically planning: 1. Human factors 2. Financial 3. Technology 4. Legal/regulatory 5. Corporate, social, and ethical responsibility 6. Culture 7. Organizational structure Please collaborate on the above considerations! 300 words

General questions

1) Who are the internal and external customers for private, public, not-for-profit, global, and government organizations? How are they different? How does an organization tie its internal and external customer's expectations to its procurement strategy? 2) You are the director of procurement. Your CEO has come to you with a r

XYZ Corporation: managing a cash flow deficiency

I have a assignment can you look it over to see if you can complete. Need by tonight...I have it posted already no replies.

Service or product supplied

What is the service or product supplied by a hospital organization? If there are more than one, pick one. What is the market structure for the market in which this firm supplies this product? Why? What does economic theory tell you about the short-run and long-run economic profits for a firm operating in this market structur

Need help with this assignment

1. List three key distinguishing characteristics that you identify with the era called the information age. What experiences have you had that supports your selection? 2. Draw a correlation between data warehousing and strategic thinking, highlighting how data warehousing allows the enterprise to compete across time. 3. Un

Total Available Market (TAM) - India

Part of assessing the market potential is the calculation of the (TAM) total available market in dollars. For India, do you have any suggestions about how to actually calculate the TAM for their service?

The Family and Medical Leave Act

What are the responsibilities of your current (or most recent) employer with regard to the Family and Medical Leave Act? Respond to the policy below: Entitles eligible employees to use a total of 12 administrative work weeks of unpaid leave during any 12-month period for specified family and medical needs with guaranteed