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Business Management

Challenges and Solutions 1 pages

Brainstorm some of the challenges you think you will face in the business programs. Based on your personal experience, construct a posting in which you relate the challenges and seek to identify strategies for dealing with each.

Consumer segments targeted by marketers

Identify three consumer segments targeted by marketers of a product category of your choice, such as motor vehicles, home appliances, etc. Based on information available online and in marketing literature, write a report describing the psychographics of the three segments. In your report, also describe the marketing strategi

Training & Development: Transfer of Training

Thinking in terms of Facilitation of Transfer (focus on organizational intervention: supervisor, peer, and trainer support, climate/culture and reward systems), please help with the following scenario: Dr. Richard Camp designed a three-day workshop on interviewing skills for an executive research firm. In his training desig

Discussion Questions prep paper

1. What is distributive bargaining? When is distributive bargaining appropriate to use? Why? What might be the effect of distributive bargaining on long term relationships? 2. What is integrative bargaining? What are the key differences between integrative bargaining and distributive bargaining? When might integrative bargain


Production costs can be reduced when production processes are streamlined or their effectiveness increased. Having the product available when needed, can further improve productivity and lower shipping costs. Quality improvements lead to reductions of production cost with a corresponding increase in customer satisfaction. Does y

Calculating the Forecasting Payments, Collectors, Net Cash Flow

1. Forecasting Payments. Calculate Paymore's cash payments to its suppliers under the assumption that the firm pays for its goods with a 1-month delay. Therefore, on average, two-thirds of purchases are paid for in the quarter that they are purchased, and one-third are paid in the following quarter. 2. Forecasting Collections

Sudanese Famine

Need help in preaparing a 2-3 page paper on this terrible loss of life. The Sudanese Famine. Presentation should include a discussion of the social, political and environmental conditions that contributed to the famine in whole or in part, a description of the extent of the famine, efforts that were made to alleviate human suff

When working in the area of strategic management, you will often be asked to look at what appears to be a strategic initiative on the part of another company and speculate as to what the strategy behind the initiative really is. In other words

When working in the area of strategic management, you will often be asked to look at what appears to be a strategic initiative on the part of another company and speculate as to what the strategy behind the initiative really is. In other words, what is the company really trying to do and why? You will find that you have to use y

Basic Cost Management

Toledo Toy Company incurred the following costs during 20x4. The company sold all of its products manufactured during the year. During 20x4, the company operated at about half of its capacity, due to a slowdown in the economy. Prospects for 20x5 are slightly better. Jared Lowes, the marketing manager, forecasts a 30 percent gro

Business Research

External validity is the ability to generalize to (and across) times, settings or persons. How would you know if your experimental research results could be generalized to the population (have external validity)? Provide an example. 200-300 words What are the ethical implications of observing employees without their knowled

Elements of a Negotiation; Role of Perception; Two Common Perception Problems

1. What are the elements of a negotiation? What are some of the problems you have experienced when negotiating? How would you address these problems? 2 What is the role of perception in negotiation? Based on past experience, what are two most common perception problems in negotiation? What safeguards would you employ to avoid

Emotional Intelligence assessment: genetic or learned?

1. Do you think Emotional Intelligence is genetic or learned? Cite sources to support your assertions. What component(s) of EI do you think are the easiest and most difficult to learn or acquire? 2. What was your score on the What's my Emotional Intelligence Level assessment? Do you feel you are emotionally intelligent? Expla

Budget forecasting

In doing a forecast of a budget what information would you have to have to arrive at reasonable numbers?

Conceptualizing a new business with vision, mission statement, guiding principles

Need help in which I am to explain the importance of my business where I am helping elderly, and disabled people who can not even get their family members to drive them to town. I have to explain my business vision, mission, and values in determing the stategic direction. Also will need help including the following items D

Calculating Composite Rating for Different Locations

A location analysis for Temponi Controls, a small manufacturer of parts for high-technology cable systems, has been narrowed down to four locations. Temponi will need to train assemblers, testers, and robotics maintainers in local training centers. Cecilis Temponi, the president, has asked each potential site to offer training p

AT&T and Verizon: Evalulate performance in two recent years

Evaluate each firm's financial performance for the two most recent years for Verizon and AT&T For both of these years and companies 1) Identify what business changes occurred altering the company's use of cash from one year to the next; 2) Discuss whether or not the company is generating cash in a sustainable manner,

Definitions & Central Limit Theorem

Define (a) parameter, (b) estimator, (c) sampling error, and (d) sampling distribution. Part B: State the main points of Central Limit Theorem for a mean and explain.

Strategic Management: draft a vision and a mission statement

Begin to work with an organization to produce a Strategic Management Plan. Choose a small organization or a department within a large organization. Start by producing a plan to plan. Describe for management and participants the purpose of the strategic management process, the model they will use, who will participate in developi

Did Verizon's purchase of GTE lead to their high debt?

"logical reason for their high debt. Several years back, Verizon bought GTE and some other rural telephone companies. The rural phone business is more expensive to operate because of the lower population density. It takes a lot more cable and additional equipment to serve homes spaced out widely than it does for the ultimate den