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Business Management

Growth versus Values Solution

Based on a solution that you assisted with last year (#298983) regarding Ethical and Social Responsibility at New Belgium Brewery, can you assist with a few follow-up questions: Based on the company's current status (i.e. they appear to be successful and growing), Should New Belgium focus on growth and becoming a bigger player

Management/Problem Solving

Please help with the following problem. Consider the basic steps in the problem-solving process (identify the problem, identify the causes, identify alternatives, etc.). Identify a problem that you have encountered recently and identify which step of the problem-solving process was the easiest to complete, most difficult to

Research Methods:

A researcher posted three research questions. Research Question 1: Did topics of the visual coverage of the Iraq War differ between The New York Times and The Guardian newspapers? Research Question 2: Did the visual coverage of the human toll and destruction during the Iraq War differ between The New York Times and The Guardian

Research Methods:

Using Table 1.1, what type of research does the following statement describe? Explain and defend your analysis.(Book; Exploring Research 7th ed) The type of research is correlational. Data will be collected from the health and safety records from the past five years for the 50 fitness centers used in the study. The fitness

Process Management

1. Bottlenecks in a Process You purchase parts from three different countries and receive them all in your factory in the U.S Control chip= China Transmitter = Japan Housing = USA Key Ring = China Research the country of Japan (Which Provides the transmitter). Identify issues that could affect the supply chain (i.e.


Analysis #1: Telephone sales employees: What are your career-related concerns and recommendations? Analysis #2: On-site sales employees: What are your career-related concerns and recommendations Analysis #3: Team leaders: What are your career-related concerns and recommendations?

Licensing Innovative Products: Dyson Case Study

The text refers to James Dyson's difficulties in licensing his innovative vacuum cleaner (see for further information). What lessons would you draw from Dyson's experience concerning the use of licensing by small firms to exploit innovation?

Macroeconomics: Forms of economic systems

For this portion, fill in the blank with the word that best completes the statement. There are several forms of economic systems in existence today. In a pure [___1___] system, resources are directed and production is coordinated by the government. Under pure [___2___], private property ownership abounds, and the free market

Which architecture makes most sense for this company?

A small company in Des Moines wants to set up an IT architecture for its workforce. The company recently moved to an older building that has solid walls and ceilings. Furthermore, most of the staff like the flexibility of moving around the open office space to perform work on their laptops. Which architecture makes most sense fo

What is the role and function of case management?

Answers are provided in the solution for the following questions. 1.) Describe the role played by managed care in case management. 2.) Model case management steps applied to a case. What would be done in each step in the particular case you're applying it to. 3.) List the components of assessment. Describe how you would ass

Time Warner Cable's Options for Growth

Evaluate Time Warner Cable's options for growth. Identify the core competencies of your organization and options for growth within the organization. Explain how these new opportunities can affect economic transactions between firms.

Training and Development

Training Design and Development The Director of Sales, Jorge Muñoz, has approached you to recommend training for new sales representatives. In the form of an e-mail (placed in a Word Document), complete the following: * Identify the training objectives o What will the trainee know and be able to do upon

Performance Management and Employee Services: Personnel Issues

Personnel Issues As a human resources manager, you realize that performance management must be considered even before a person becomes an employee of the organization. One of your goals is to reduce employee turnover through the revision of the personnel assessments used during the recruitment and hiring process. The fir

Managment Summary (Management Plans)

See the attached file. The reading for this unit is a website article on management summary (management plans) in business plans. The article provides a comprehensive overview of management teams. Respond to two Questions Discussion Topic: High Performance Teams and Career Planning Question 1 of 2: High Performa

Understanding Polarities and Polarity Manangement

1. Polarities and polarity management A. Educate your reader on polarity management. Show you understand polarities and polarity management. 2. The Polarity Map A. Create a map of the polarity you have chosen from the simulation. Be sure your poles represent a true polarity and that your

Wage Male/Female Research Process Paper

MyrResearch process paper is about "The wage of a male employee well educated is higher then a female employee with the same education level." I need help getting started with: - Purpose of the research - Describe the research problem - Explain why the research problem is important

Change Management: Stages of Reaction

Examine the different reaction stages related to change. Give examples of how you managed a time of change in the past and what stage was hardest to overcome.

stereotypes and work

What positive or negative stereotypes do you hold about different jobs or careers? How has your cultural background, gender, or self-concept influenced your generalized view or stereotype of these jobs or careers? Have you ever had an opportunity to test any of these generalizations or stereotypes? Did they match reality?