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Business Management

Elements of a Negotiation; Role of Perception; Two Common Perception Problems

1. What are the elements of a negotiation? What are some of the problems you have experienced when negotiating? How would you address these problems? 2 What is the role of perception in negotiation? Based on past experience, what are two most common perception problems in negotiation? What safeguards would you employ to avoid

Emotional Intelligence assessment: genetic or learned?

1. Do you think Emotional Intelligence is genetic or learned? Cite sources to support your assertions. What component(s) of EI do you think are the easiest and most difficult to learn or acquire? 2. What was your score on the What's my Emotional Intelligence Level assessment? Do you feel you are emotionally intelligent? Expla

Budget forecasting

In doing a forecast of a budget what information would you have to have to arrive at reasonable numbers?

Conceptualizing a new business with vision, mission statement, guiding principles

Need help in which I am to explain the importance of my business where I am helping elderly, and disabled people who can not even get their family members to drive them to town. I have to explain my business vision, mission, and values in determing the stategic direction. Also will need help including the following items D

Calculating Composite Rating for Different Locations

A location analysis for Temponi Controls, a small manufacturer of parts for high-technology cable systems, has been narrowed down to four locations. Temponi will need to train assemblers, testers, and robotics maintainers in local training centers. Cecilis Temponi, the president, has asked each potential site to offer training p

AT&T and Verizon: Evalulate performance in two recent years

Evaluate each firm's financial performance for the two most recent years for Verizon and AT&T For both of these years and companies 1) Identify what business changes occurred altering the company's use of cash from one year to the next; 2) Discuss whether or not the company is generating cash in a sustainable manner,

Definitions & Central Limit Theorem

Define (a) parameter, (b) estimator, (c) sampling error, and (d) sampling distribution. Part B: State the main points of Central Limit Theorem for a mean and explain.

Strategic Management: draft a vision and a mission statement

Begin to work with an organization to produce a Strategic Management Plan. Choose a small organization or a department within a large organization. Start by producing a plan to plan. Describe for management and participants the purpose of the strategic management process, the model they will use, who will participate in developi

Did Verizon's purchase of GTE lead to their high debt?

"logical reason for their high debt. Several years back, Verizon bought GTE and some other rural telephone companies. The rural phone business is more expensive to operate because of the lower population density. It takes a lot more cable and additional equipment to serve homes spaced out widely than it does for the ultimate den

Request for Proposals: Clark County Web Site Design

Can you help me get started with this assignment? Review Clark County: Requests for Proposals located at: Consider the purpose and components of the sample RFP. Use the information in the sample RFP to address the following: Review the "Purpose" section of the RFP. In two to th

Comparison of Ideologies of Rousseau and Stoicism

Compare and contrast the moral ideologies of Rousseau and Stoicism. Which of the two theories is most correct in describing the moral state of humans? Offer at least two arguments in support of your analysis.

Perrier Case & Resistance to Change

Please help with the following case study found in the textbook: Managing Organizational Change: A Multiple Perspectives Approach written by Ian Palmer, Richard Dunford, and Gib Akin (2006). Please answer questions in detail. QUESTIONS 1. Identify the key elements of the resistance to change described in this situation.

Mental Process: Compare Four Styles of Creative Intelligence

Prepare a paper in which you compare and contrast the four styles of creative intelligence and their influence on organizational decision making. Be sure to discuss how the five forces influence mental models/mind sets. Include examples of how mental models/mind sets might limit the decision making process. Finally, analyze your

DISC Platinum Rule Assessment

I need some feed back on this and my team styles please. My style is The Pioneer (or Dc) is being in a position to direct and redirect task accomplishments. You tend to focus more on the future than on either the present or the past. You are driven by a quest for unique accomplishments and you avoid boredom. Although you ar


Should owners and managers be held criminally liable for unsafe and unhealthy acts? Discuss whether you agree or disagree and why or why not. To what extent should it be the organization as opposed to the manager that is held liable? What individual responsibility do managers have? What is the responsibility of top managers as c

Address points in essay.

Read and address the following points about the two essays: Read and address the following points about the two essays you read: What characteristics make these essays expository? Identify the type of organization each

Business Adversaries and Partners

Many managers today were trained under assumptions of adversarial relationships with other companies. Do you think operating as adversaries is easier or more difficult than operating as partners with other companies? Why?

Differences in Task environment; Variation, Selection & Retention

Would the task environment of a new Internet-based company be the same as that of a government welfare agency? Why or why not?. Please be very detailed. Also Explain how the process of variation, selection, and retention might explain innovations that take place within an organization.

Organizations and horizontal structure

Why do companies using a horizontal structure have cultures that emphasize openness, employee empowerment, and responsibility? What do you think a manager's job would be like in a horizontally organized company?