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    Policy and Power Point Presentation on Abuse of Internet Use

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    Policy and communication and education process for several areas needing attention. Assume that all of these policies will address subjects that have until now been handled informally and inconsistently throughout the company. Policies need to be developed for the following: abuse of the internet.

    Prepare a training or orientation piece on his or her policy via PowerPoint with speaker notes.

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    ** Please see the attached file for the PowerPoint presentation **

    This not quite so overwhelming if you break it down. First do the policy so you know how and what to put in the PP.

    The policy should include these elements. Add to the elements as you see fit to make it into the paper you need.

    XYZ Company understands the need to use the internet and computer programs for all members of the staff. However, the company is finding use of the internet to exceed expectations and previously established usage figures. We are concerned this will lead to a drop in productivity and an increase in server issues that come with indiscriminate use of the internet. With this in mind, we are establishing the following policies for use of the internet.

    All internet access is tracked by the IT department. This is not a new policy, but this should serve as a warning to anyone ...

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