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Power point presentation Improving Decision Making

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For this assignment you will need to use the Internet, and course resources to locate one example (from business, news reports, government, economics, and so forth) of decisions that produced negative consequences.

Your assignment is to act as a manager of that organization who has been asked to analyze what accounted for these poor decisions and what could have prevented the negative consequences from occurring. Specifically, you are to create a presentation that will be delivered to managers to help them learn from this example. Your presentation(in power point) should include the following (Use the slides to state your main points and the speaker's notes to provide sufficient information to support your points. Avoid using transitions and too many graphics.
A brief description of the example selected.

An analysis of the decision-making process that the participants in your example appeared to have utilized (Using any or all of the course concepts)

A recommendation based on your analysis, of what the participants should have done instead in order to have diminished or averted the negative consequences?

The implications of your analysis for people engaging in these types of decisions. In other words, what should the managers learn from this in order to become better decision makers?

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