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Improving Decsion Making

For this assignment you will need to use the Library, the Internet, and course resources to locate a single example (from business, news reports, government, economics, and so forth) where the decisions made produced negative consequences.

From this situation you will be creating a presentation that will be delivered to other managers who make decisions similar to the ones you are analyzing. Your goal is to help them "learn" from this example so they can avoid making the same mistakes. In your presentation the slides should focus on main posts with the specific information and details about each point identified within the "speaker's notes" (speaker's notes contain enough information to help the speaker discuss each main point in detail. Your presentation does not graphics (although they are acceptable in moderation) or special effects.

Your presentation should include the following:

A brief description of the example selected. Outline the situation, identify the decisions were made, and explain the negative consequences that resulted.
identify what decision concepts (theories, principles, heuristics, traps, etc.) were present in the situation. For each concept identified be sure to provide information to support how and why you believe each was present.
Make recommendations, based on your analysis, of what the participants should have done differently that would or could have diminished or averted the negative consequences?
Provide an overview focusing on what other managers, who make similar types of decisions, can learn from your analysis so they can become better decision makers.
References are to be provided in APA style. APA Format assistance is available using the following:

Choose Library from the top navigation bar
Choose APA from the left navigation bar
Several choices of Example Sources appear
You might want to choose the APA Documentation resource

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A company that has thrived on innovation and creativity, 3M underwent restructuring. It was changed from an egalitarian structure of a centralized structure. This restructuring destroyed a great deal of originality and creativity that was the driving force for the company.

The company was centralized to make it more profitable. The concept was that there should be greater ...

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This solution gives a presentation to other managers. It explores the methods for improving decision making.