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    a Linear programming formulation problem

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    Chapter 9 Linear Programming Applications and Computer Solutions


    The Flying Chief supplies in-flight dinners to airlines. On a particular run, the passengers are given their choice of beef, chicken, or fish entrees. The owner must decide how many meals of each type to prepare in order to minimize total cost. Historically, 55% of all passengers prefer beef, 30% prefer chicken, and 15% prefer fish. However to compensate for varying tastes from flight to flight, the number of meals provided must be as great as the above percentages of total passengers. On the current flight, there are 200 passengers and 300 meals must be provided. Airline policy states that at least one-half the extra meals on any given flight must be beef. Costs are $2 for each beef entrée, $1.50 for chicken, and $1 for fish.
    A) formulate the linear program for this problem
    B) solve this problem
    C) How many meals of each type should be provided?

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