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Using Microsoft PowerPoint

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Q1: PowerPoint gives users the ability to emphasize the points on a list with either numbers or bullets. Study the following statements, give a specific example where each would be more appropriate and justify your answers.

It is best to use bullets instead of numbers when presenting a list on a PowerPoint slide.
It is best to use numbers instead of bullets when presenting a list on a PowerPoint slide.

Q2: There are many ways to begin to develop a presentation. Why would you select one way over another? Give a specific example of why and when each of these ways might be most appropriate. Which way do you prefer? Why?

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Q1: It is best to use bullets instead of numbers when presenting a list on a PowerPoint slide.
This approach is best when there is no countable number of things to follow, so that the audience who is attending the power point session. For example, if I am delivering a power point session that talks about the achievements of my firm to the general audience, there are no pre-calculated number of specific achievements that I need to talk about. The achievements cannot be numbered, and instead of putting them in a paragraph form which are hard and uninspiring to read, I would rather put them in a bulleted form that makes it easier to present and read.

Using numbers instead of bullets in a power point session is better if there are numbered ...

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