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    Interview one in business or research who uses Microsoft

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    Please help with the following posting.

    Interview someone who works in business or research on the Internet about the use of Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint in their business. Share the type of business and your findings with the class. Can you think of anything else they could be using these programs for?

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    Question: What is your business and could you explain how do you use Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint in the company?

    I use all three of these Microsoft Applications in my business of selling bodybuilding supplements, gym equipment, and clothing/gear to the weightlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding aficionados out there. I specialize in selling additional cast iron weight plates for both the standard home gym (I inch diameter holes in the weights) from 1 and Ã?¼ pound up until and including ...

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    The following posting discusses research on the use of Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint. It discusses how theses programs might be useful in business or research as well as the types of business it would be useful for.