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Consulting & Software Company - Recommendation on Software

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Prepared for: CEO
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Intro, Methodology, Secondary Research Findings
Primary Research Findings, Summary Recommendations, closing, Conclusion

This report is going to the CEO for recommendations. Please give details and recommend why choice of Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, Solomon or Microsoft Dynamics AX. Need informatin on all three. Job costing is a key for this business as we tie consultants to pieces of work and software would be billed monthly and annually. Thanks for yours assistance. Please detail all three software. We need to be able to run job costing reports by department or job, etc. Thank you!

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The expert provides recommendations on accounting software for a consulting and software company.

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Running Head: JOB COSTING

Accounting Software for Job Costing

The current business environment is facing several challenges in gathering and using the accounting information. The increase in the complexity of business due to globalization is causing an increase in the problems in reporting the accounting information effectively. In order to eliminate these problems most of the businesses use accounting software applications that helps to record and process the accounting transactions with different functional modules (Schepp & Schepp, 2007). It can be developed in-house or may be purchased from outside the business. The paper provides detail about the three accounting software namely Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, Solomon or Microsoft Dynamics AX and make a choice for the company to run job costing reports in the organization.
To collect the information on accounting software the qualitative and quantitative research methodology is used. It includes the primary and secondary methods of data collection. The qualitative research includes the scientific research that includes the observation, in-depth interviews and focus group methods to collect the data on a particular problem (Creswell, 2003). It also includes the secondary data that is collected from the publish journals, books and websites. The primary data is obtained through the interview and survey of the usefulness of the software for the job costing reporting and secondary data is obtained through the case study and previous study analysis (Zikmund, 2008).
Secondary Research Findings
To obtain the information or for secondary data collection previous case studies and study analysis is done. It includes the books, articles and website information. the following information is collected for the different accounting software -
Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP):
Microsoft Dynamics GP is a business accounting software that is quite popular in the mid-market businesses. This software uses the Microsoft SQL server 2005 or 2008 in order to store data of accounting information of a business. It is an effective management solution that allows the organization to operate and grow the business more effectively. This software is also effective to eliminate the obstacles that may affect the productivity and effectiveness of the people and processes in a business (Hall, 2008). This software is quite effective to increase the effectiveness of accounting information as it connect all the business processes in a flexible and streamlined management infrastructure.
This software allows the people to their jobs in an effective way in which they like that causes an increase in the productivity level of the organization. It provides much easier way to perform the tasks in the business that helps to build stronger relationship with the key stakeholders. Microsoft Dynamics GP also facilitates extensive and collaborative capabilities that enhanced the business decision making abilities. Through this accounting software, people in the organization may perform their tasks or jobs with greater efficiency, satisfaction and productivity that help to achieve the business objectives with more efficiently. The following are the important features of Microsoft Dynamics GP -
• It allows the users to work with information from the business management solutions.
• It provides personalized environment to the people to do their job.
• Reduce the time for training and familiarization (Bellu, 2008).
The new version of Microsoft Dynamic GP includes the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 that facilitates a collaboration and communication among the different stakeholders of the business such as employees, customers and trading partners (Microsoft Dynamics GP, 2010).
This software is also helpful to enhance the job costing reports in the business as it simplifies the business in a single solution. The job costing helps to increase the profitability of a business by providing accurate, current costing data related to a job. Job costing is effective to capture all the cost and consolidate them to a single location that provides an easier way to access and manage it. The Microsoft Dynamics GP also helps to integrate the business processes and provide a single business solution that is quite effective to increase the job costing reports. Microsoft Dynamics GP integrates the different software related to the inventory, purchasing, sales ...

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