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See the attached file for the memo from Hugh McBride.

Write a two- to three-page response to Hugh McBride's (of McBride Financial Services) e-mail message to Smith Systems Consulting, sent October 12. You can access the Internet and Intranet Web sites of McBride Financial Services and of Smith Systems Consulting from the Virtual Organizations portal. The e-mail message is located in the McBride Intranet under Administration à Communications.

APA Format is required.

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The response address the queries posted in 734 words with references.

// In this paper, we are required to describe the 'importance of language' in the software development for helping a client make correct decision regarding the purchase of a software package. We also need to focus on the difference between the 'web' and 'non- web' based applications. Before delving into the main topic, we will first, summarize the problem, like this. //


This paper tries to answer the queries of Mr. Hugh McBride, who is supposed to receive a proposal from Smith Systems Consulting for making a purchase of a complete software package for his firm i.e. McBride Financial Services. Thus, the task here, is to answer queries relating to the significance of programming language to a business, role of language in programming and suggesting right choice for the vendor i.e. whether, it should be web-based or non web-based depending on their support, ease of use and maintenance. The focus of the paper should be to make even a non -technical individual understand the concept clearly by avoiding any technical jargons.

Importance of ...

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The response address the queries posted in 734 words with references.

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