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Technology: Its Application, Uses and Effects

How can new knowledge of technology use or processes cause a change in how a manager approaches a business problem?

How application of technology to business functions requires critical personal development and adaptation (e.g., how structure influences behavior, results of structure in human systems being subtle, how leverage often comes from new ways of thinking). This question needs to be based on Microsoft.

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//Before writing for this query, one needs to know the use of technology in accounting and managerial decision making. We are required to define the application of technology in business functions by considering Microsoft. See the text below for the assistance: //
Technology: Its Application, Uses and Effects
Answer 1.
Technology refers to the use of a new process in business. It can adopt new technology either by developing it within the company or by the transfer of technology through training or exchange of personnel or licensing or marketing agreements (by entering into contracts like joint ventures or alliances with other companies which are technically strong).
It causes a change in the way a manager approaches a problem. It becomes more scientific and experiment based because a technology is based on the cause and effect relationship. It provides a scientific and logical solution to a problem. Thanks to globalization and liberalization that the barriers of technology have been removed and countries can now easily import ...

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