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Summary of Career Planning

The more you know about industry and occupational trends, the better you can determine what skills and qualifications are in demand by employers today. This knowledge provides a foundation for evaluating your own marketable attributes and placing an emphasis on certain qualities. Whether you have been out of the job market for quite sometime or have been with one employer for 5 years or more, you need to be reacclamated to the industry and the current market trends to benefit your job search efforts.

This job uses the Internet, Library, informational interviews, and other resources to research a selected employer.

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I can tell you on a personal level that this is an area which there are two types of employees:

1. those with a CS degree, which are snatched up by large corporations even before they finish college and,
2. those without a CS degree and have taught themselves programming by either taking online or vocational courses or reading books, teaching themselves, or hand-on learning (my husband's case).

Due to the fact that the students with Computer Science (CS) degree are being snatched up so quickly, this has opened the market for those falling in the number two ...