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Paraphrasing and Summarizing

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Two examples of summarizing larger bodies of work.

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Paraphrase the passage. For good practice, please include the proper APA citation in your response.
Tip: You do not have to summarize every statement from the original passage; just summarize the key points.

Question 1:

Regardless of the nature of the hazard, disasters will continue to challenge court managers for many years to come. Court managers must consider a range of complex issues, from the physical design of courthouses (Daniels, 2002; Griebel & Phillips, 2001) to the physical safety of its employees and to the structure of data and communications systems and their ability to function in a disaster, to policies that balance public access with security needs. Planning and training needs will become more urgent and more specialized.

While the probability of any event hurting anyone courthouse at one particular time is small, it is important to consider such hazards as what have come to be known as low-probability, high-consequence events, the effects of which are so grave ...

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This solution is an example of how to summarize and paraphrase several paragraphs into one concise paragraph that gives an accurate overview of the content. Approximately 600 words of text.

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