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    Reflective Listening Skills in Counselling

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    Packaging combines the foundational counseling skills with open-ended questions. This enables the counselor to continue demonstrating good listening skill while encouraging the client to say more about his or her current concerns. Write 2 examples each below

    Paraphrasing content followed by a question. (2 examples)

    Reflecting feelings followed by a question. (2 examples)

    Summarizing followed by a question. (2 examples)

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    Paraphrasing content followed by a question:

    E.g. 1
    Client: I lost my job at the start of the year. On top of that I had marital problems with my husband. My children just don't seem to respect me.
    Paraphrase: The message I get is that you have experienced a number of things going wrong this year. Is that right?

    E.g 2
    Client: I'm having a tough time in my job
    You: Things feel really difficult for you at work

    Paraphrasing feelings followed by a question:

    E.g. 1
    Client: I have just broken up with Jason. The way he was treating me was just too much to bear. Every time I tried to talk to him, he would just clam up. I feel relived now.
    Paraphrase: What I am hearing is that you feel much better after breaking up with Jason. Tell me more about your ...

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