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Case Study on 3M Corporation Profile

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Provide a review and analysis of the case "3M Profile..." (Harvard Business School case, no. 9-395-016).

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In outlying the key points within a case study, the fundamental focuses relate towards the mission of the study and reasoning for decisions made to resolving certain issues leading to the conclusion. The case study on 3M: Profile of an Innovating Company hones on the initial company's successes as well as challenges, such as, in the 1991 new CEO, Desi DeSimone to steer toward making proactive decisions within a worldwide recessions producing lower sales. Thus, the aim is in defining clearly within final research write up; the case study question to answer / resolve accordingly:

"Can the new CEO, Desi DeSimmone leverage the company's core technologies with continued extraordinary innovation to power growth and expansion into the future?"

Try and think of the presentation to outlying the case points of references with examples found within the study along with own personal insight of analysis. The company foundational values of operations is key to hone on for understanding the prior successes by decision making to compare to the current CEO choices required for obtaining set goals outlined. 3Ms long-term operations since 1902 can provide an insight to long-term market research into the available products that garners significant technology features.

The most ...

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The review into a case study on 3M Corporation profile to facilitate the various decision making to sustaining market dominance for over several decades.

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