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Business Management

Hierarchical database

Demonstrate your understanding of a hierarchical database, network database, relational database, and object-oriented database

Experienced IRS tax auditor utilizing knowledge, training and skills

If you were a Tax Auditor with the Internal Revenue Service for eight years and you have a BS in Accounting and a MBA, using specific examples, state how your experience, training, and/or education has equipped you with the knowledge, skills and abilities in using computers to research, gather, input, analyze or summarize inform

Strategic Management: GM and the auto industry bailout

General Motors is on the verge of bankruptcy, and its' executives are currently in the center of the current bailout controversy. In an examination of why GM finds itself in this predicament, consider assumptions that GM may have been making about their business environment that failed. In what ways were these assumptions load

Choosing a form of business ownership

Please indicate the form of ownership that would be best for each business and give specific reasons: 1. Swimming pool repair 2. Internet-based speciality store 3. Law firm 4. Underwear manufacture


I have to decide whether to invest $10000 in the stock market or in a CD at the rate of 9%. If the market is good, I believe I can make a 14% return. If the market is fair , I can make an 8 % return and if the market is bad I would make no return. I estimate that the probability of a good market is .4, the probability of a fa

Client/server database environment

The client/server environment involves a main computer, called a server, and one or more PCs that are networked to the server. The database resides on the server, a separate entity from each PC. Because each PC is a separate computer system, an application is developed and installed on the PC through which the user can access

Goals of a Firm: profit maximization and what other goals?

Understanding Various Goals of a Firm Introduction: Some economists are of the opinion that making a profit must not be the sole purpose of a firm's operations. There are other goals that can be considered equally important. Task: Explain the above statement in light of the various theories of a firm as developed by econom

What are the characteristics of a problem?

What are the characteristics of a problem? How do you know when a problem exists? What is a problem statement? How can a problem statement be formulated so that it is considerate of stakeholders' perspectives?

Steps to Managing Change - case analysis for AOL

I am trying to put together an analysis of the company AOL: how it was established and kept on growing. Then, what took place that made it decline. I would like to describe that decline which could have been due to poor management decisisons or just simply the overall market has changed. Finally I would like to discuss if AO

Riordan Problem Solution and Defense

SCENARIO: RIORDAN MANUFACTURING COMPANY OVERVIEW Employee motivation is an issue that does not discriminate. Organizations of all sizes wrestle with it, and those who don't are at a disadvantage, faced with lower job satisfaction and increased turnover. In the past ten years, several factors have developed that further compl


In the late 1800s and early 1900s, labor conditions in the United States were certainly less than ideal. The average workweek was 60 hours, but it was not unusual for workers to spend 80 hours on the job every week. Children toiled in unsafe conditions sometimes 10 hours a day, six days a week; wages were low and fears of unempl

A Mission Verses a Vision Statement

What is the difference between a mission and vision statement? What factors need to be considered to produce an appropriate mission statement and vision statement for the organization? How long or short should a mission and vision statement be?

Personnel in Technology

Personnel in Technology I have to write a paper describing the following "how would you organize and manage a Help Desk function for your own work organization - or some other organization you may be familiar with. Include: (1) An explanation of why it is needed; (2) What type of help desk do you propose and why; (3) What t

Income Statement and Earnings Management

1. If a Company had Pretax Earnings from Continuing Operations of $150,000, a Loss from Discontinued Operations of ($30,000) and an Extraordinary gain from an Earthquake of $20,000 and a weighted average number of Common Shares Outstanding (no Preferred Stock) of 100,000 shs, how would the EPS (Earnings per sh) Statistics be pr

South Central Airlines operates a commuter flight between Atlanta and Charlotte. The plane holds 30 passengers, and the airline makes a $100 profit on each passenger on the flight.

South Central Airlines operates a commuter flight between Atlanta and Charlotte. The plane holds 30 passengers, and the airline makes a $100 profit on each passenger on the flight. When South Central takes 30 reservations for the flight, experience has shown that on average, two passengers do not show up. As a result, with 30 re

Client understanding and analyzing work papers

Consider the following scenario: As a newly hired Staff, you are responsible for analyzing the work papers for one of the clients of your organization. Your client is not clear about why you are asking for information on the following topics: - Adjusting lower cost of market inventory on valuation - Capitalizing intere

Action Research

If you were doing a research in a Real Estate company on What lead generation activities are most productive? Are you following up on leads quickly enough? and What lead generation strategy is best for your market? then you could use a Logic Model. List an example of a Logic Model that can be used in this research in the Re