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    Strategic management: Toys "R" Us

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    How is Toys "R" Us positioning itself to be successful?

    Discuss the following:
    - ability to embrace change
    - creativity and innovation capabilities
    - being a world class organization

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    In order to be successful, Toys "R" Us started by positioning itself by opening as many temporary holiday toy shops so as to give the store the much-needed presence that it had started losing out on. In the wake of super centers such as Walmart's, Toys "R" Us opened its own super centers, combining the Toys "R" Us super centers with Babies 'R" Us stores; all under one roof. Toys "R" Us successfully implemented the strategy to increase store traffic and did this by placing its Toys "R" Us stores side-by-side to Babies "R" Us, which was growing much faster and received more frequent customer visits, which were on average once a month. The plan going forward was to ...

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    This solution discusses strategic management at Toys "R" Us. It discusses the ability to embrace change, creativity and innovation and world class organizations.