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    Vertical Integration for Expanding Firms

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    My book says that vertical integration involves expanding the firm's range of value chain activities backward into sources of supply and/or forward end users (Gamble & Thompson Jr., pg. 122).

    You can pick any company to talk about.

    Is your company vertically integrated? If so, is it fully, or partially, integrated?

    If not, would such a move yield potentially high competitive rewards?

    Please explain your rationale.

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    I am using a company called Florida CARE, Inc. They provide services, information, education, and research for disabled people, specifically developmentally disabled people. The focus is to help the disabled live in independence and where possible, find work and housing.

    Previous to the last quarter, Florida CARE was not vertically integrated. Our services were "let out" to others. As a company, providing supported living, supported employment, evaluations, grant funding, information and advocacy, the company was sending services through other ...

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