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Business Management

Operational management: Calculate Sales Forecasts

3 The following tabulations are actual sales of units for six months and a starting forecast in January. a. Calculate forecasts for the remaining five months using simple exponential smoothing with α = 0.2. b. Calculate MAD for the forecasts. ACTUAL FORECAST January 100 80 February 94 March 106 April 80 May 68

Executive bad behavior

Last year, a newly built casino had its huge, very grand opening gala, which involved numerous A-list guests, lots of gourmet food, and enough alcohol to float a boat. About 1:00 a.m. one of the top casino executives and his wife left the party in their brand new Porsche; apparently they had both had had more than their share o

Good Samaritan: Moral obligation to save the drowning boy?

Roger Smith, a quite competent swimmer, is out for a leisurely stroll. During the course of his walk he passes by a deserted pier from which a teenage boy who apparently cannot swim has fallen into the water. The boy is screaming for help. Smith recognizes that there is absolutely no danger to himself if he jumps in to save the

Career Management Basic Steps

What is career management? What are the basic steps involved in a career management system? What is the manager's role in a career management system?

In March 2004, President Bush selected Nebraska business executive Tony Raimondo

In March 2004, with the U.S presidential compaign heating up, President Bush's White House team made what would seem to be a questionalbe hiring decision. It's not clear how much screening they did, or who did it, but almost as soon as the White House recommended Nebraska business executive Tony Raimondo to be the administratio

Effects of the immediate economy after a disaster

The 9-11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center complex completely destroyed or damaged 21 buildings with 31.2 million square feet of Manhattan office space - accounting for nearly 10% of the city's entire inventory. Just prior to the attack, the Manhattan office vacancy rate throughout the entire island was 8% and the avera

Understanding the Agricultural program named Payment-in-Kind (PIK)

In 1983 the Reagan Administration introduced a new agricultural program called the Payment-in-Kind (PIK) program. Keeping this program in mind assume that the free market price of wheat is $4 per bushel and the free market supply is 20 million bushels. In the past, payment for extra wheat had been made in dollars and the wheat

Environmental Scanning

Provide an appropriate application in the workplace for two of the three following thinking strategies: 1)Scanning: The constant search for information that impacts the current and future assumptions of the organization. 2)Multivariate thinking: The ability to balance many dynamic variables simultaneously and discern rel

Press conferences during the last presidential campaign

I heard a story about some professional actors who were planted in press conferences during the last presidential campaign to pose questions to President Bush that were "staged" so that he had a prepared response. I do not know any other facts about this. Have any of you heard anything more on this? If so, what do you

Management consulting firm of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy: first day problems

You just started a summer internship with the successful management consulting firm of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. Your first day on the job was a busy one, as the following problems were presented to you. Required: Supply the requested comments in each of the following independent situations. 1. FastQ Company, a specialist

Question about Heuristics

Heuristics are generally identified as "rules of thumb" that we use when making decisions. We evaluate information we already know, events we've already experienced, and actions we've already taken, to help us make quick and efficient decisions. In the heuristic process we make assumptions based on what we know, what we've done

Strategic Management and Risk Management/Assessment Paper - MBA 502

If you need help with your Strategic Management and Risk Management/Assessment Paper, this one should give you some great perspectives. This assignment typically appears in week 5 in MBA 502 - Managing the business enterprise. Some of the info contained in my solution... - Problem Statement - Relevant facts and circumsta

Waiting Line Quesiton

The Grand Movie Theater has one box office clerk. On average, each customer that comes to see a movie can be sold its ticket at the rate of 6 per minute. For the theater's normal offerings of older movies, customers arrive at the rate of 3 per minute. Assume arrivals follow the Poisson distribution and service times follow the e

Critical thinking

Provide examples and applications for the following common elements of Critical Thinking: 1) perception 2) assumption 3) argument 4) fallacy

Reward Systems

How effective are the reward systems in the firm to which you are most closely aligned? Does the firm utilize policies that in your view "empower" the organization? Explain your answer.

Analyze a job description. Have Americans reprioritized values after Sept 11?

#1 Select a job and provide a detailed description of the activities to be performed in the job. Next, specify the biographical characteristics a team member needs to have to perform the job effectively. Finally, specify the abilities required to perform the job. #2 Write a synopsis for the online discussion on: Do you

Calculate process capability index for metal fabricator connecting rods

A metal fabricator produces connecting rods with an outer diameter that has a 1 ± .01 inch specification. A machine operator takes several sample measurements over time and determines the sample mean outer diameter to be 1.002 inches with a standard deviation of .003 inch. a. Calculate the process capability index for this exa

Case Study on Enron

Attached the case study which is on Enron and the writing assignment is on page 97 in the attached file where it shows Writing Assignment. So I need to write a strategy memo to Mr. Berardino ( details p97) as well as a professional business letter for his signature. Thanks,

What is Joan's recourse after being fired from her job?

Joan works for the City Building and Records Department. She was hired a year before Derrick who works in her department. One day, Derrick complained to her about her jewelry, a small gold cross she wore as a necklace. He told her that it offended him and that she shouldn't wear it again. When she refused, he complained to their

HR/Bargaining and Workplace Behavior

1. If you are a director of a company, how might you view the bargaining unit? How does the NLRB determine if a bargain unit is appropriate? Please describe the current trends in union membership and union organizing. 2. Do you think a company can eliminate violence in the workplace? Why? The substance abusing employee

Decision concepts: theory, principle, model

Note...there are multiple scenarios within the Unit 2 activity. Your goal is to try to identify the most applicable decision concept (from our learning in Unit 2) for each scenario, support your conclusions, and then provide a summary analysis about what you've learned. There are three (3) parts to this project. Your researc

Steps in financial forecasting and pro forma statements

A. Describe three ways that pro forma statements are used in financial planning. b. Explain the steps in financial forecasting. c. Briefly explain how to forecast financial statements using the forecasted financial statements approach. Be sure to explain how to forecast interest expenses. d. How is it possible for an empl

HR: Performance evaluation, Salary surveys, Pension changes, E learning

1. It is said that training in conducting performance evaluations is an important issue for organizations to consider, why? What should an organization do in order to help make sure that its performance evaluation system is legal? What is the role of job analysis in this process? 2. How would you go about deciding if a su

Sales Force Management - iTeam, Inc. Minicase

ITeam, Inc. is a high-tech company based in Walnut Creek, California that produces, markets, and sells computer systems, peripherals, and other consumer electronic products to corporate clients and electronics retailers. iTeam has grown significantly in its first five years focusing on selling its products locally. Recently the