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Business Management

Employee knowledge of a misappropriation of corporate funds: What should she do?

Can you give me your opinion on this: The CFO comes up to you one night and asks you to go out for a drink with her. She tells you that she is scared out of her mind. She tells you that large amounts of compensation that were paid to the CEO were disguised and not reported properly. She says that the Board thinks the CEO w

HR: Experience with performance appraisals; motivating or a waste of time.

What is your experience with performance appraisals? Overall, have you found them motivating, de-motivating, a waste of time, or invaluable? As you answer this question, please give a personal example to illustrate your answer and use one outside reference to enhance and/or support your perspective of appraisals.

Pitfalls of Job Evaluation Methods: Three methods of evaluating jobs

Pitfalls of Job Evaluation Methods Three methods of evaluating jobs are Ranking. Classification. Point Method. Prepare a short description of each method, considering: What are the essential weaknesses in each of these evaluation methods? Describe a situation in which it would not be effective for the busines

Sexual harassment

I need you opinion on this case of sexual harassment where a managing director of the defendant had hanging in his office a poster of fifty or so women on motorcycles naked; they had nothing on but red striped socks. It was a large poster which anyone entering his office could not avoid seeing. The Company saw nothing wron

Pegasus: how to manage employee resistance to change

Details: You anticipate a great deal of resistance to change from the employees of Pegasus, especially if there are layoffs involved. You and the HRD group must first identify the emotional factors of change and then present a plan to address these issues to the company in an "all-hands" meeting. You must consider the overall

Layout Strategies: What is the takt time? Cross-trained employees for the cell?

Please see the attached worksheet. After an extensive product analysis using group technology - has identifiy a product he believes should be pulled out of his process facility and handled in a work cell. Bob has identified the following operations as necessary for the work cell. The customer expects delivery of 250

Higher inflation to spur economic growth and job creation.

In August 1994, Alan Blinder, recently appointed as vice chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, gave a talk in which he argued that the Fed should be willing to tolerate somewhat higher inflation in order to spur economic growth and job creation. The dollar fell, almost immediately. Explain the link between Dr. Blinder's views a

Forecasting of sales

Please submit in the excel document. 1. The owner of a computer store rents printers to some of her preferred customers. She is interested in arriving at a forecast of rentals so that she can order the correct quantities of supplies that go with the printers. The data is shown blow. a. Prepare a forecast for weeks 4 - 10

Operations Management Multiple Choice Questions with Explainations and answers

Please see the attached file. 1. What is the expected value of the following: X = 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 and P(X) = 0.01, 0.02, 0.03, 0.04, 0.05, respectively. a. 0.15 b. 0.00225 c. 0.555 d. None of the above 2. At a university with 1,000 business majors, there are 200 business students who are enrolled in an introductor

What is succession planning in an organization?

Please help me with these questions: Week 4 Question 1 What is succession planning in an organization? What has been your experience with succession planning in the organizations you've worked for? For those of you who have had limited exposure to succession planning, what could HR do to create a great succession plan? Be

Critical Thinking phases are addressed.

Discuss what the components are that critical thinking is made of and what phases does it go through. Perception is one component of critical thinking. Think of how your individual perceptions concerning a specific issue or problem have changed as a result of an event or experience. For example: A person's perception of a c

This posting addresses critical thinking.

Think about a situation where your critical thinking abilities would be tested and/or pushed to the limit. For example, even the most skilled critical thinker will surely have a difficult time making a decision in a life-or-death situation. With that said, one's ability to think critically can be greatly affected by influential

Critical Thinking

I need some help getting started. See After reading through this finding, what other types of activities, methods, techniques, etc., would you recommend to an individual looking for a way to polish up their ability to think critically?

Formulate, develop, solve queuing problems for businesses

Formulate, develop, and solve a queuing problem for a business unit. For example, the phone calls coming to the receptionist, or work arriving by mail, phone, or in person. List and explain the assumptions that you had to make to enable the problem to be solved, but caused the model to be unrealistic.

Risk Management for Recruiting Manager

Please provide your opinion on this: You are the Recruiting Manager and you are hiring an Accountant. You learn that an applicant was convicted of possessing a controlled dangerous substance twenty years ago when she was 18. Should that be a bar to employment from an enterprise risk perspective?

External Communitcation Plan

Please help so that I can complete the following: a. Create an effective external communication plan for each team member's public policy issue. These plans must be tailored to meet the needs and address the concerns of all competing stakeholder groups. b. Evaluate the roles of elected and appointed officials in establishin

Drug testing in schools for public administration

You are superintendent of schools for a county public school system. Your county's school board has just decided to drug test all junior high and senior high school students engaged in extracurricular activities for the announced purpose of reducing drug abuse in public schools. Your office begins to receive calls from outraged

Single Payer System-Economic Principles

I need help and guidance with the following project. (Please see instruction attached) INSTRUCTION Single Payer System-Economic Principles and Regulatory Agencies (PowerPoint Presentation) Assignments: Discuss 1. How conventional economic principles may or may not apply to Single payer healthcare system and 2. I

Autobiographies, Ghost Writers and Credibility Issues

Can some one guide me on the following issues about language in qualitative research? 1) How do conversation analysts suggest that everyday talk is both indexical and reflexive? 2) how does the 'ghost-writing' of celebrity autobiographies might affect their credibility as a source of data?

Bay City Health

Scenario: Bay City Health is a nonprofit, community-based, healthcare delivery network in Providence, Rhode Island. The network includes two acute-care hospitals, a network of more than 800 physicians, a broad ambulatory care network, home healthcare, and associated support services. The organization has a compliance departm

Functions of Management in Business

What functions of management should W. James McNerney Jr., the newly elected Boeing Co. chairman, president, and CEO, use to turn Boeing around?

Criminological Enterprise

Post a 200- to 300-word response to the Critical Thinking questions for The Criminological Enterprise: Violent Land on p. 339 of the Criminology text. TEXT IS ATTACHMENT: 1. According to Courtwright, crime rates were exceedingly high in the nineteenth century before TV, movies, and rap videos had been created. What, if anythi