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    coaching and training for each team member

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    You just finished reading about BP's Oil Spill Crisis in the Gulf. Assume that you are the leader of a small company, and you want to prepare your staff to minimize the chances of a crisis occurring and also prepare them to be ready to act effectively if a crisis arises.

    Describe, from a systems perspective, how you will develop a plan for coaching and training for each team member and for the team as a whole, so that they are prepared to prevent crises as well as to deal with them if they occur.

    about 500 words, one reference

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    As the leader of a small company I am preparing to coach and train each member of my company for crisis occurring and also for preparing them to be ready for the next crisis. The company is Minneapolis Plastic Co. The main crisis that can occur is a fire. A fire can happen in the raw materials storage where the plastic pallets or the chemicals that are added can catch fire. A fire can take place when the extrusion process is taking place, on the line of production, or when the finished product is being removed to storage. The store of finished product can also catch fire. A fire can not only have a devastating effect on the business but can also harm the environment because of the toxic fumes that can emerge from the fire.

    From the perspective of systems the facility is interdependent with the community. The employees of the company come from the community, the raw materials are locally purchased, the utilities are supplied locally, and some of the final products are also locally sold. There is a synergy between the facility and the community. This wholeness between the community and the employees is understood by the employees. Further, they know that the local environment is one in which they belong and that it is their duty to protect the environment. ...

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