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    Globally Distanced Teams

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    Globally Distanced Teams

    Imagine you have just been asked to lead a globally distanced multicultural
    marketing team. What would you do first? How would you convene and run your
    first meetings? What strategies might you employ to maximize the team's chances
    for success given the unique challenges facing multicultural teams that in
    which members are not co-located?
    How would these strategies enable these groups to excel? What problems do you
    anticipate? How you will monitor the team's activities and output? How will you
    create synergy in the team?
    You decide how to approach the paper. In no more than ten double-spaced pages,
    describe how you would manage this situation.

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    Globally Distanced Teams

    Leading globally distanced multicultural marketing team
    After the appointment to the globally distanced marketing team, the first thing to lead a team, the team manager/leader should gather and review each member's career history, resume and other information about their background, most importantly their cultural roots. In addition, team leader should collect & analyze all the important information related to each member that will be very beneficial for the team leader to lead the team in an effective and proper manner (Adler, 2008).
    Basically, this information addresses the important question such as: How member's cultural or ethnic group typically communicates, Whether the team member comes from a high context or low context, how direct or indirect communication is used by the team members, whether members of team is fluent in English, and a slew of other details. Moral and understanding improves through expressing interest in an individual and his backgrounds. This improvement will translate into more effective performance. Hence, these important frameworks about the member of team should be followed by the team leader to effectively lead the team (American Psychological Association. 2009).
    In today's competitive business environment with the increasing importance of the human resource practices, to understand the employees is more important. With the help of this, team leader can find the communication method that will be more effective and important to lead the teams. For instance, if members of the team are not clearly receiving the message, the team manager cannot expect them to perform (Managing Multicultural Teams. 2012). To lead a team effectively, team leader should have a good understanding of the team and its goals and be able to communicate this understanding clearly. If the objective and goal of the business is not clearly understood by the team member, the commonality of purpose will be absent, and decision-making will become agonizingly slow and inefficient (Adler, 2008).
    Strategy to Convene and run meeting
    To convene the meetings, a set of communication guidelines for the first meeting will be drawn. Along with this, various languages that member use will be taken into consideration. It will be ensured that the policies, guidelines and rules are interpreted into all kinds of languages spoken by the group and printed up for every member of team. For the meeting discussion, an agenda will be created for the team including overall objective of the meeting, basic roles, time lines and expectation. So, these criteria will be followed for an effective meeting. In order to conduct meeting, video conferencing technique will be used. It is because; with the help of video conferencing, the objective of meeting and problems related to team barriers will be easily, effectively and properly addressed (Shapiro, VonGlinow, & Lap-Chiu Cheng, 2005).
    When the meeting first opens, an introduction session will be conducted, general guidelines and expectations will be provided, and the group's diversity and differences as a way to build cohesion will be specifically addressed. This framework will enable team members to learn about each other and make them feel comfortable (Managing Multicultural Teams. 2012). In addition, things that individuals from different cultures have in common will be considered. Families, friends, education, and pride are all things that should be emphasized and related to everyone. This will be very beneficial for overall team, because with the help of this activity, team member can easily achieve their goals in an effective and continuous manner for the organizational success (Adler, 2008).
    In today's competitive business environment, there are several kinds of strategies used by the globally distanced multicultural marketing team such as: building communication, establishing performance standard and coaching strategies etc to maximize the success of teams. By adopting these strategies, team manager/leader can effectively remove the barriers or issues faced by the member of team (Washington, Northouse, ...

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