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    Fantasy Sports Coaching: Boxing

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    Utilize any professional sports' team and then play "fantasy coach." You are the team's coach. Improve the performance of the team, and try to help them attain their peak performance level.

    Describe an organizational team and improve its performance as well.

    You will need to describe the current state of the teams' and coaches' performance, along with the team and organizational context. What is the current situation of the team? What is the style of the coaches, and how do they interact with their players / employees? Is the team currently experiencing any forms of interference? What goals would you have for the team and how would you go about helping the team achieve those goals? Do any individuals need to be coached in addition to team coaching? Do you as the coach need to be coached, or do anything differently? What team coaching process would you apply, and how would you apply it in this team situation?

    Please find the complete instructions attached.

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    This is your full solution. Two attachments are added below, one on fantasy sports coaching which is the one I focused on since the organizational coaching requirement is noted only as an additional agenda in the requirements you indicated. But nevertheless, an organization was selected, a problem identified and analyzed and it is also attached as a separate solution.

    Part 1:

    Fantasy Coaching: Boxing

    Team sports are usually seen as the preferred fantasy coaching subject with Basketball, football, volleyball and baseball as favourites. Sports coaches motivate, integrate, manage and lead giving vision and inspiration side by side with discipline to the athletes and key members of the team. When we refer to a sports team, we do not only refer to the athletes however as teams are complete with their own support staff from doctors to assistants and PR specialists - especially professional sports teams. In this particular exercise, I am choosing a sport not usually seen as a team sport - boxing; boxing is a sport most people see as an individual sport. Boxing teams obviously represent cities, universities and nations in amateur games as boxers get trained under the banner of the organization or group they represent. For example, the U.S. Boxing team for 2016 are getting ready to fill its current ranks via qualifying games and try-outs for the purpose of recruiting the best athletes. In the professional league though, boxers usually train under the tutelage and coaching of certain sports and boxing management group, usually named as 'gyms' or 'x management' where the boxer signs a contract with said sports management group who in turn will train them, keep them in their roster and provide support from coaches to PR and road managers. The Athlete, the boxer is given a team of people to keep him playing at his/her best for the purpose of winning tournaments and titles - usually 'belts' ranging from national to regional to 'world' titles where the boxer, the athlete plays not only for the title but for the purse. Boxing is a popular professional sport worldwide and is a great source of entertainment - many people view it live in big venues paying good money for tickets, especially for 'big' fights with title holders. Some travel far to watch their chosen boxers battle it out, some choose to use 'a pay-per-view' facility, making boxing one of the biggest earning sports today.

    I have often been interested in how Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao, known to the world as Manny Pacquiao or Pacman is assisted, trained and kept by his management, Top Rank, and sports coach Freddy Roach at the best possible physical condition and mental perspective to have taken the Boxing world by storm having moved from varied weight divisions and capturing all the titles that are before him - a wonder in athletic prowess. This feat of his has actually put his name in world records. The boxer, who grew up poor in the war-torn Island of Mindanao in the province of South Cotabato in the Philippines is now considered and accepted even by his peers as the best pound for pound boxer in the World. Among his many titles: WBC Lightweight world champion, WBC Super Featherweight world champion, IBF Super Bantamweight world champion, and WBC Flyweight world champion. He has also held the Ring Magazine titles for Featherweight, Super Featherweight, and Light Welterweight divisions. He is the first Filipino and Asian boxer to win five world titles in five different weight divisions. At the moment he is current IBO and Ring Magazine Light Welterweight champion and rated by the Ring Magazine as the #1 pound-for-pound boxer in the sport. He is the first boxer to win the lineal championship in 4 different weight classes.

    Boxer Statistics

    ? Real name: Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao
    ? Nickname: "Pac-Man" or 'Pacman'
    ? Rated at: Light Welterweight
    ? Height: 5 ft 6.5 in (1.69 m)
    ? Nationality: Filipino
    ? Birth date: December 17, 1978 (1978-12-17) (age 30)
    ? Birth place: Kibawe, Bukidnon, Philippines
    ? Stance: Southpaw
    ? Boxing record-
    ? Total fights: 54
    ? Wins: 49
    ? Wins by KO: 37
    ? Losses: 3
    ? Draws: 2

    Prior to the narrative, I would like to reiterate the following elements about the Team:

    Team Pacman Elements

    ? Type of team & context - Sports team supporting one Prized Athlete, a Boxer at the top of his prime
    ? Coaching Style - Freddie Roach is both physical trainer, sports coach and over-all manager responsible for the training and preparation of his Boxer, Manny Pacquiao in winning titles and defending the ones he has acquired physically and mentally. They train in several locations according to the needs of the match and the team - in their gym in LA or in the Philippines. More than a technical coach, he is also a mentor having been a boxer himself, instilling in his ward not only skills and strategies but philosophy and perspective.
    ? Interaction and Team Performance - Leading Team Pacman, Roach interacts with all the members of the support team from the dietician, physical trainer, sparring partners, assistant coaches, promoters and even family members for and in behalf of his ward. This is rooted in his strategies for the purpose of unity, efficiency and to battle conflict. He works hand in hand with Pacman and ensures that they are on the same page within comes to goals and vision.
    ? Interference in training and performance - interference comes from negative publicities as is common in the sport. But the biggest possible interference are the personal activities that his boxer gets due to his popularity. See explanation below.
    ? Improvement Goals - As Roach's approaches and coaching has made a legend out of his boxer, it is efficient as it is with a few suggested improvements with regards to dealing with interference, see below.
    ? Team Performance Process - Roach's approach in involving each valued member of the support team and making each member feel valued in terms of their contribution to making Team Pacman ...

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    The solution provides a simulated 'Fantasy Coaching' situation focused on sports. The chosen sports is Boxing concentrating on the boxer and the support team. Presented, studied and analyzed are the varied personalities and roles in the support team of a successful boxer. Used as 'Fantasy Coaching' subject is Team Pacquaio, the World Champion boxer, Flipino Emmanuel 'Manny' Pacquiao's team that led him to win 7 world titles through 6 weight classes. Elements to performance, an analysis of roles and social factors is presented as well as possible solutions for the purpose of ensuring continued victory at peak performance level. A word version is attached for easy printing. References are provided.