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    Sanctioned Aggression: Define

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    Select one from the list of aggressions : Hostile Aggression, Instrumental Aggression, Symbolic Aggression, and Sanctioned Aggression. Describes this particular kind of aggression. Explain your reasoning.

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    As you select one from the list of aggressions, I am an avid sports fan, so I selected Sanctioned Aggression.

    As you describe this particular kind of aggression, one source offers insights:

    Kerr, J. H., & Males, J. R. (2011). Experiencing aggression in sport: Insights from a Lacrosse World Championship tournament. Sport & Exercise Psychology Review, 7(1), 26-33.

    The authors clearly define it as "... physical aggression within the written rules or laws of sports and any unwritten rules or ...

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    200 words of notes and references briefly delineate what sanctioned aggression is.