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Aggression and violence among different cultures

Describe a culture and an example of a behavior that may be perceived as aggressive by this culture and why. Give an example of a behavior that may be perceived as aggressive across most cultures and explain why. In addition, explain how socially sanctioned violence is acceptable within certain cultures.

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Behaviors that are considered friendly in certain cultures are seen as aggressive in other cultures. Eye contact among people within the American culture is an accepted behavior that most people view as trusting and open, however this same behavior is seen as invasive and impolite within the Asian culture. Prolonged eye contact is viewed as aggressive and challenging. In Muslim countries eye contact can be dangerous for individuals, especially when it is a male making eye contact with another female. (Kivi & Scudder, 2011)

According to the Titi Tudorancea Learning Center (1991-2012) when it comes to physical and verbal aggression, most individuals agree that these ...

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This solution is comprised of over 350 words, including references, on cultural views of aggression and violence. Includes examples of how violence and aggression is percieved and accepted within different cultures.