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Sports: Intimidation as Strategy;Women in Sports

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1. The use of intimidation as a strategy is now common in certain sports. Explain why this has occurred and provide examples to show how athletes use intimidation as a strategy. Also explain what can be done to control the use of this strategy.

2. On the one hand, sports can provide women with participation opportunities that are personally empowering; on the other hand, dominant sports tend to perpetuate a gender ideology that works to the disadvantage of women in society. How can sports do both of these things simultaneously? Which of these outcomes do you think is most important and socially significant in the culture in which you live?

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1. Intimidation is a strategy that is common in certain sports, like boxing, football, ice hockey, rugby, and other heavy contact and collision sports. Intimidation increases appeal of the sport, adding interest and excitement/ According to the text, athletes use intimidation to promote their careers. An example of this would be Lance Armstrong bullying other cyclists into doping (and later denying it) to advance his career.

Violence also increases the drama for spectators, for instance in professional ice hockey, in which much of the show is in the ...

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This solution discusses how intimidation is used as a strategy in sports, and gives examples of this as a strategy and how to control it.
It also discusses women being empowered through sports while at the same time having an experience where dominant sports tend to perpetuate a gender ideology that works to the disadvantage of women in society. The solution explores how sports can do both of these things, and which of these outcomes is important and socially significant.

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